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If you have read my previous blog post – About myslef who dont have any knowledge about using internet manage to learn to make money.

It is the basic simple principle that never been told by any internet marketers , infact many of them selling very sophisticated system, expensive seminars and many things that never helped them in understanding on how it works.

As i told you , i want to share my own experience. I engaged a person to do a website when i start to know the important of website. But than i realise it been like an expenses as always have to pay people to update even nothing is produced.

than i start to read and follow some people online and i start to create my own blog , i have to pay someone to set it up for me. And than that person become busy and have no time for me. I have to depend too much dependent on them. I hardly can do anything without their help.

I started to do something on my own, i googled many sites and pick up some lesson from this blogs and website.

I start to do my own blog using the word press. I do understand that in internet it is the content that is the key to success and making money., just having a nice and professional looking website or blog does not guarantee income will flow in.

I decide to work on a template in the wordpress and start to play around. It was a greatest  step that i took in my internet entrepreneurial journey.

That is the first step, I believe without blog you will be losing out even you might be very active in social network like facebook.

And please find a niche that you want to be known as. be consistence in that and dont try to write every single thing that you think is good, Be specific and maintain that topic. You will need time to get trust from the virtual world. And that need persistence, commitment as well focus.

So that will be you first step in making money in internet.

I want to guide you in these, and i am not an expert or great in this subject ,. BUT I MADE IT HAPPEN for myself and making great amount of MONEY from my blog…..

You just browse around my blog and do let me know if you find it good or you think that can be improve. Lets create a great money making blog together.

So it is about clean up your blog….. OKIE

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