Personal Freedom vs Financial Freedom

Just a thought that comes to my mind after a short skype routine with my mentor in US.

Personal Freedom = Financial Freedom ?       right or wrong?

After some thoughts AbangAbu believes that Personal Freedom > Financial Freedom . Why?

Personal Freedom is being happy , feeling great and full of gratitude. And that has nothing to do with money. Even though having financial freedom will give you personal freedom ,it is not necessarily that you must get financial freedom in order to feel happy.

Feeling happy is a state of mind and nothing to do with money. People don’t really understand this important secret. Happiness attract wealth and money.

So here i would like to share some points and statements for you to feel happy.

I will be sharing tips in order to get personal freedom starting with the happy feeling in you:

* Decide to feel happy within yourself.

* Don’t make your happiness dependent upon what happens during the day. Happiness is a direct choice without any dependency.

* Just choose happiness at any time no matter what is going on. it might be strange to think about it now but start to do it and you can feel it. You will be wired to feel happy for no absolute reason.

* Thinking of to be happy only after you suffered in an effort to earn greater success tomorrow is insane. Focus on doing what you have to do without feeling stress but full of happiness and joy.

* Start pursue all your dreams from a happy state, don’t let the assumptions that external events have to materialize in order to make you happy plays in your mind.

* Happiness or Misery is an option. They are both can be chosen by you to apply in the day’s event. Which option do you choose? AbangAbu choose to be happy.

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  1. Halimah

    Yes, agree with Abang Abu. Feeling happy does not really means you have lots of money. It’s a feeling within and we are the ones making it happy or sad feeling.

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