Hi all,

How are things ? AbangAbu is feeling GREAT as usual.

Lately AbangAbu been having busy schedule and yes extremely busy. I want to just share something like very intresting happen again when you write what you want and looked at it everyday.

I had a goalfor JUNE to achieve an amount of $ from the business that i am involved. I started to write at the begining of the month that is 1st June and put it just in front of my desk. Everytime i am there i will be looking at it. And i will feel good when i looked at it and believe that i am making it.

sign autograph... macam artis plak

sign autograph... macam artis plak

Around 23rd i evaluate back and see if i am already getting my goal or am i far so that i can do something to getting my goal. It was like just reach 40% of what abangabu set for. Suddenly i started to focus again on the figure that i wrote down and started to look at it again and again and every time. I wrote it in bigger font so that it will be clearly seen.

The week past , and guess what, i recieved a call for an organization that put in a order . That order bring my percentage to 90% and just need 10% percent to get my goal. And on the 28 th JUNE . I reached the goal that i set for that month.

It was a great expirience for me and now i m increasing my target for the month of JULY.

AbangAbu feel like sharing these with all of you . Write down your goal and look at it everyday with power and make your subconcious mind read it as well. That is the power . When your subconcious brain get the message than you are there already.

At the same time be realistic with what you write down. Dont be to high atthe same time dont be too low that you will take things easy.

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  1. suryati

    salam bro abu, that was awesome i believe in that method too.Yes all goals if written n seen daily wil turn reality. thats where somthing simple n true many would ignore. But the complicated ones many try to find ways chasing n doin even it didnt make any cents(sense) heeheehe u know what i mean;p

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