Salam All, Hari ni thought of just write some updates of what happening to myself. hahahaha. Very interesting things ,i feel like share with all as i just sitting down with a friend who is 25 years older than me. It was simple conversation that we had about how far according to him i have … [Read more…]

This week Entrepreneur

Hi again. Today AbangAbu would love to introduce to a very different entrepreneur whom turn his hobbies into a promising business venture with great potential of growth. His business would attract all the kids as well teens and even adults like me. It is a great sharing for those who have interesting hobbies that can … [Read more…]


Hi all, I am happy today to share something that can be the main factor in your entrepreneurial journeys success. It is called BRAND. What’s in a brand anyway? I looked it up on Wikipedia, here’s what the site has to say about branding: A brand is a symbolic embodiment of all the information connected … [Read more…]


To All, Selamat Hari Raya, Korban … AbangAbu doakan semua yang melakukan korban tahun ini akan diterima korban mereka dan diberi kesempatan untuk berkorban setiap tahun. Salam

Wira Internet

Hi semua, I am very happy and been very very busy for the past week with great things going on. Salah satu i have met a couple singapore malay internet millionaire self made. www.zeilarich.com And Dr Irfan talk show in Malaysia was great with my first product an audio cd will be out soon , … [Read more…]

This Week Entrepreneur

This week , i am pleased to introduce you one young business. Its an online business that started be a lady who also a wife and and a mother but that does not stop her from starting on her own. Just like any other stay at home ladies,commited to family matters and at the same … [Read more…]

MAP untuk KAYA

Free Session . 1st Dec 2007 or 3rd Dec 2007 time.: 7.45pm to 9.45pm place: 25 Peck Seah Street #07-01 Civil Service College MRT Tg Pagar exit A. RSVP: 62200701

Simple and Powerful

Hi,AA become very busy lately. Great progresses in many things that i am involved. I am feeling success every moment and feel grateful to everything that happening. Today , i thought wanna share something yet powerful when come to making money in business. I conducted 1 day training today for a group of 50 odd … [Read more…]