5 perkara Orang Berjaya lakukan yang bole kita tiru

Apa yang Orang BERJAYA BUAT sampai Boleh BERJAYA SANGAT!
Ni ada 5 benda yang semua orang boleh buat sepertimana orang berjaya buat.
1. Mereka BERANI memilih dengan spesifik matlamat mereka. mereka tahu bukan semua yang mereka mahu itu boleh dicapai , maka mereka memilih untuk tumpukan pada hanya beberapa matlamat sahaja. Jadi kita pun boleh pilih matlamat matlamat penting sahaja.
2. Mereka beri perhatian kepada personal development dulu, mereka akan upgrade diri mereka sendiri sebelum melihat kejayaan luaran . Mereka percaya untuk mencapai kejayaan luar , diri mereka perlu di perkasakan.
3. Mereka menimba ilmu dari pakar. Mereka belajar dan menggunakan semua teknik yang mendatangkan kesan yang baik , walaupun pada awalnya kelihatan sukar dan menyusahkan .
4.Mereka mengambil masa untuk merancangkan sesuatu serta mendisplinkan diri untuk mengikut akan perancangan mereka. Mereka tidak mudah untuk hilang fokus dan juga tidak pernah putus asa.
5. Mereka bijak dalam bekerja . Jika mereka tidak capai matlamat mereka , mereka akan mendapatkan pandangan dan maklumat dari pakar serta akan merancangkan sesuatu yang lebih baik .
Jom ! lakukan apa yang orang berjaya lakukan . AbangAbu doakan agar semua yang ikut akan nasihat ini akan di permudahkan perjalanan mencapai matlamat mereka.

Profesional Diploma in Personal Finance & Entrepreneurship ( SME)


Program ini adalah satu satu nya program diploma yang berunsurkan praktikal .

dengan bimbingan serta tindakan yang telah terbukti menjadikan peserta mempunyai peluang yang sangat baik dan akan mengubah kehidupan mereka dengan izin Allah .

Idea kreatif AbangAbu ini telah mendapat perhatian serta telah di jemput oleh [ihak university untuk melihat akan ke berkesanan nya dan akhirnya dijadikan satu program yang mendapat pengikhtirafan dari University .


Banyak kali dalam kehidupan ini sudah melihat akan orang orang yang senang lupa akan kisah semalam. kisah ketika tidak ada apa apa , tiada orang yang menolong, tidak ada yang mahu ingin mendengar apa yang ingin kau perkatakan .

datang kau mencari bantuan , pertolongan , sokongan , dan dengan izin Allah kau mendapat itu semua dengan melalui seorang hamba Allah yang ikhlas dalam memberikan semua yang kau cari.

Kau mula berani dan mendapat perhatian dan juga orang orang baru dalam hidup kau hingga kau lupa akan orang yang pernah membantu mu , malah sedikit pun kau tidak memberikan penghargaan pada orang itu.

kau sanjung orang orang baru yang memberikan kau ilmu konon yang kau membelanjakan wang ringgit dan masa untuk mendapatkan pandangan mereak.

Apakah kau ini orang yang mengenang budi?

jawap lah sendiri . kan kan kan

Tahun 2014

Salam semua .


tahun 2014  akan pasti menjadi tahun yang menarik kepada ramai orang.

tahun yang seharusnya anda menberikan perhatian kepada perniagaan anda agar menjadikan ianya sebagai sumber menjana wang .

Juga pelaburan pasti akan menunjukan kerancakan yang tidak kekal. maka bersedia sentiasa untuk mengelak kan dari terkena .

Paling penting adalah ilmu kewangan agar anda akan menjadi orang orang yang membina kekayaan dan bukan mengejar kekayaan .

pastikan anda hadir ke Garaj Wang dan juga Seminar AbangAbu agar mendapatkan ilmu yang benar benar berguna . Insya Allah.

Blessed Friday:M & M Success Tips #17: Everything you need is within.

Good morning, awesome people of the world…

I love this quote:

You have within you,right now,everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.”

― Brian Tracy

Everyone has challenges in their lives. But rest assured everything given to us are for our own good. Think of the good and its blessings. Move forward in spite of everything. Believe me, you can do it! All challenges given are always on par to the level of our  strength, courage and capabilities.We are more than beyond capable of handling them.

Humans are miracles. We are much more intelligent than we give ourselves credit for.

Every challenge given is to spur us up to the next level of life. There is no failure but LESSONS.

I don’t care what your educational level is, or the money in your pocket nor the so-called “inteligence” cells that one might derived thru hereditary… YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK.

If you believe you are a failure, you are right. If you believe you are a MEGA SUCCESS, you are definitely RIGHT!

The day we were even conceived and born, spelled out WINNERS in every stage and cell. So why live like a loser, and behave like one?

I just watched a dance movie whereby their favorite cheer was-“Act like CHAMPIONS, BE CHAMPIONS!”

So my dear readers, you make the best out of your life. If you want to be winners, BE! If you wanna be SUCCESSFUL, BE! If you wanna manifest your every dreams, GO AHEAD!

No one has the right to tell you anything else other than yourself. No one can rob you of your “DREAM LIFE”.

The only question is: Do you have the courage to LIVE YOUR DREAMS?

It has nothing to do with your shortcomings. If you realized that the successful people of the world are those not necessarily whom have completed their school education, some are school drop-outs.

And not every one is born with a golden spoon in their mouth. So read up on those success stories and create your own. You deserve every bit of success in this life and hereafter. And everything you do, remember the key is: TO BE HAPPY. Not for others but for YOURSELF. Only when you are happy, you surroundings and your loved ones will be.

You may not know much about me. But I do walk my talk. I do whatever I wanted to do. I don’t care about my limitations..cos I believe they can be overcome.

I started out as a homemaker. I sacrificed everything to be a homemaker. Then I realised that I have a voice and I started to blog. I was blogging out of my heart. I was doing it for the community (insya-Allah kerana Allah taala).

I visioned myself to be on the magazines and newspapers. It happened. I then visualised to be on TV, it happened. I ended up being the popular Celebrity blogger, one of the top halal food and travel blogger with the name “WORLD HALAL TRAVELLER” .

And then I decided to go on a solo world tour, I did. Again, as mentioned, I do not have any money that time. In fact I lost everything that moment, but I hold on to that dream and believe and have utmost faith that it will happen. I wanted to write a book, I did wrote a few, successfully. I wanted to be a successful business woman, and I’m doing it now.

Next step is one of my biggest dream. I cannot reveal it just yet. But let my actions speak louder than my words.

It’s not just visualising and things started to work. Read my articles in this site over and over again, they are the keys to success in which I learnt from various mentors, gurus like Abang Abu and also strangers I met in various parts of the world.

And of course not forgetting… my fantabulous family!They are a big part of my life. They support me in whatever I do, no matter how crazy I can be… sometimes. *lol

(There were many periods of time whereby I was all alone and felt like giving up and my family were not by my side… there were a time whereby it seems like the world is against me as well..but again, if you are determined and have belief and faith in ur dreams,eventually the right people will  be behind you in every step of the way.The main thing is do you know what you really want? Are you prepared to go for it, no matter what?)

So remember, everything that you need is actually within you. Each and everyone of you already have everything to be a SUCCESS. So no excuse,not to be a success, ok? 🙂

I hope …next time, I get to see each and everyone of you as successful people of the world especially in marriage and in money. Do come up to me and say -Hi!

I love to meet people. My passion: PEOPLE, TRAVEL and HALAL FOOD.

This is my last article for this year in Abang Abu’s site. I felt saddened by it. I felt like there is an invisible “bond” between you and me, dear readers. I’ve grown attached to you, somehow. I hope you learn something from my weekly articles and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you.

Do continue writing in your comments in this site or my own site. I can accept any colourful comments because I believe they are crucial in improvements especially in the ladder of success.

May your life be blessed.

Be happy in everything you do.

Love,live, laugh,


Lina Masrina ,

the World Halal Traveller 

(I have travelled to 36 countries and more.You can do better!)

Disclaimer: Don’t believe a single word I say. Everything that is shared is from my perspectives, from my experiences. We each have our own tinted lenses that we see life through. So be open and learn from one another.

Blessed Friday:M & M Success Tips #16: The 5 people around you

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

Good morning, awesome people of the world…

Today’s tip on money and marriage is: The 5 people around you is essential to your life success, be it marriage or money or both.

So surround yourself with the bestest. The role models the successes that you aspire to be.

Do you realised that there are some people that you felt very energised just by being in their presence? And in some others’… you felt so low, like no mood or you feel like you need to get out and run away fast from them?

There are some who are very energised and positive, there are also others whose energy are so low…they ended up sucking the surroundings’ energy. That is why sometimes, after events or meet ups, you felt depleted of energy, tired.

So take note of the 5 important people whom you surrounded yourself with. Be in close proximity with those whose energy are high and are motivated with their positivism and perspectives. Learn from them.

Surround yourself with people who are successful. Avoid those whose lives are filled with complaints and finger pointing, blaming etc.

May your life be blessed.

Be happy in everything you do.

Love,live, laugh,


Lina Masrina ,

the World Halal Traveller 

(I have travelled to 36 countries and more.You can do better!)

Disclaimer: Don’t believe a single word I say. Everything that is shared is from my perspectives, from my experiences. We each have our own tinted lenses that we see life through. So be open and learn from one another.

Blessed Friday-Money and Marriage Success tip #15: FOCUS

Good morning, awesome people of the world…

How’s your day? Hope it has been filled with loads of fun, love and happyness.

Today’s tip is FOCUS.

I remembered the first time I met with Abang Abu. He was casually dressed and so down to earth. I was feeling all jittery and nervous. Fancy meeting a MILLIONAIRE and get to talk to him up close.

Even though I have met many Millionaires even Billionaires (both locally and internationally), I will still be nervous and excited. And no matter how deep their pockets are, they are often so humble and nice.

Anyway recalling my first meet-up with Abang Abu, he taught me an important lesson: FOCUS.

When you are determined to fulfill your dream, you have to focus on 1 thing at a time. Give your full attention, mind, heart and your everything on it.

There will be challenges along the way that might sway you from your “destination”, that is why you have to stay focus no matter what.

Abang Abu gave me a challenge to fulfill. It sounded easy to focus but…oh boy…when I began, suddenly there were many other projects started to flow in as well. And the surroundings were also challenges. I had to really ground myself and focus.

I wrote my goal big and bold and paste it where I can see it often.  I also kept some in my bag, purse etc.

I told my family and friends so that they can remind me if I got out of focus and strayed from the “path” and might not reach my destination.

So remember , FOCUS is the key.

Whatever it is that you wanna do be it in MARRIAGE (LOVE) or MONEY (SUCCESS), you can do it!! FOCUS!!!

So my question for you today is…

What’s stopping you from fulfilling your dreams?

– Lina Masrina

May your life be blessed.
Be happy in everything you do.
Love,live, laugh,


Lina Masrina ,
the World Halal Traveller 
(I have travelled to 36 countries.If I can do it, you can do better!)


Always Believe in Urself

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