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Biz Tip : H I T

Hi Everyone, How have you been? I believe all of you are in great health . It been great for AbangAbu. Just that my son Muhammad Ashaz was put in isolation in NUH for 2 days hehehehe. My son age 16 months . AbangAbu stayed with him there now he is back. And you know what , 2 nurse join my Simpan Challenge

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Today , AbangAbu want to give a tip that will be very useful to make your business a HIT in your industry or area. Everyone would like to build a business that will be a hit. This tip is a very simple one and is important in building a long lasting business.

So AbangAbu believe in order to make your business a HIT ,you must have this HIT in you and business.

So here we go.

H = Honesty

AbangAbu realise than this is a very important element in making your business really hit. Honesty in provinding every single promise that you make to your clients or customers . By being honest to whatever things and being honest with everyone does really help you. AbangAbu had expiriences in this many times. And being honest will make people help you and also give you chances.

This will indirectly make yourself and your business a HIT with all of your customers and client. So choose to be honest in any situation that you might come accros. And also AbangAbu also had many times allows etended time for certain people just because of the honesty that they have.

I = Intergrity

The difference between honesty and intregirty in AbangAbu’s eyes is that honesty is more for others to see and intergrity is for oneself. In Business intergrity is a key element for long term success. Be true to you values and never do something that against your value even when you are in a difficult situations.

Don’t sell a product or service that you know that will never benefit the customers. I have many time come accross people that i coach and my clients that been given something that never benefit them in Insurance and othe investment products. I believe this type of people will lose their clients and future business.

So, keep in mind to have intergrity in whatever you do. A key to A HIT business.

T – Trust

Trust is so important to be build between the customers and the business, the employer and the employee, the boss and the staff , the supplier and the business.

By building a solid trust among these key links in the business. It will destined to become a HIT . Building trust is a journey and a skill. Being a friend , understand your customer and staffs and creating a powerful network will make your business a business that can be trusted.

Having people to talk about you to others is also showing about the important of building trust. This can bring you and your business very far. When people have that trust than as the owner you now carry a bigger responsibilities.

Having mentors and supporters that have trust in you is a key in making your business a HIT. AbangAbu have a few freinds and mentors that have 100% trust in me. When you know that they are people who trust you no matter what happen , will make you really work and strive to achive success.

The most important person that have the most trust in me is my wife. WIthout her trust in the time i were struggling , i wont be enjoying what i am enjoying now.

Trust from your family is critical for your long term success. Build it and dont do stupid things that can crash that trust .

AbangAbu wish all of you to have a HIT business that will grow. glow and globalize.

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Biz Tips: W I S D O M

Recently AbangAbu sat down at think about entrepreneurs who been very successful, leaders who are great, and people who becomes legend. Why? Because i want to become one of those who left behind a legacy.

Those people never fear of any challenges that come to face them. They just move on and face everything till they get to the place they want to be.

Than i found out something. These people have WISDOM. They can see through tough times and achieve success in their life and made an impact on lives of others too. Positive impact i mean..

Currently the economy tsunami is hitting the whole world , and this is the moment people who had WISDOM will survive and become legends and legacy. And you entrepreneurs out there, you need to have WISDOM too. This week AbangAbu would love to  share about it . And let all of us have WISDOM ……..

So , this week WISDOM……

W- Will –

During this economic Tsunami ,Willingness to succeed. Williness to stay on , no matter whats happen in order to achieve the dream and vision. Willingness to put all effort . This is like a friend told me willingness to put blood, sweat, tears in the journey to achieve greatness. This is what all those legends have in common.

I- Implement

Implement new measures of cutting down cost of your business, Implement new startergy of geting new business , Draw up a new plan according to the current situation and resources available. The secret is staying relevent. DO implement. Many people have great plans and stratergy but failed to implement it. So Implement all the new measures that you have taken on.

S-Set target

Set target and internalize those target. Making it a must in making it happen.Target thats is challenging enough and at the same time something achiveable and realistic. It is always been great to use the SMART method when setting goals. Specific-Measurable-Atainanble-Realistic-Timeline.

D- Dedication

This element is very critical. Dedication towards the target that been set. Dedication toward the task that been asked to be perform. Dedication towards the responsibility that one has taken. Responsible to be dedicated.AbangAbu had many times failed to do this and keep on improving on it and than see results happening.

O- On the GO

No matter what people says, what is happening arounds us that is not our responsibility just dont let yourself stop from doing what you been doing correctly. The is no right way or wrong way but correct way, so choose the correct path and keep moving. Always ON the GO.

M- Maintain Positive Attitude

To do the above, you must maitain every moment maintain positive attitude. Mix with positive people, get on the habit of reading inspiring books that will make you stay positive .

AbangAbu believe with all these will make you to have the wisdom that one need to survive the current wave of economic tsunami. Get on the ship of the legends by having WISDOM

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Biz Tips : G R O W

Welcome again to deadly tuesday tips, AbangAbu thought of writing something that will help us to grow our business during this recession. Business is slow to a drag during recession, they say. It doesn’t have to be that way if you know how to explore existing business potential and be flexible in your deals and offerings.

Sure, tough economic times have major impact on buying habits. Pay attention to the shopping mall during prime shopping period. People are saving their way out of it. They focus more on value and results. Or, the time they spend to research on a product before buying increases.

The good news is, even if the recession is here to stay a bit longer, you can survive and prosper by following some of the tips below. Does recession always mean struggling to get the business going? No, don’t buy into the idea. Change your strategy and you’ll see that it isn’t a law like gravity.

Think of how to G R O W your business at this time by using GROW method.. so this week……

G = Get Organized

Get organized by looking back of your sales pattern and your customer based.

Remember the Pareto principle. 20 percent of your customers bring in 80 percent of your revenue. This number varies, it could be 20 percent that brings in 95 percent, but you get the point.

In a downturn, customers are more likely to go with a more trusted source. If you constantly build relationship with your existing customers, more power to you. Otherwise, it’s now the time to reactivate dormant accounts. Stay in touch and let them know if you are interested in working with them. Don’t hard sell and put any pressure on the first contact.

R= Reduce Budgets

By all means, don’t cut on marketing and advertising, but it’s fine to reduce budgets if appropriate. Creative marketers could use some of the low cost to free methods to keep their business out there. Think guerilla marketing.

If existing marketing efforts work fine, keep doing them but if cost is the problem consider them at smaller scales. Complement with other marketing strategies. It may work wonder with diversification

O = Offer Repackaged Product

Repackaging your products to make them available to small budget customers, you still want to emphasize on value and provide measurable results.

Your customers or clients are also looking for ways to cut cost. When business is good and you’re busy, you may have overlook some of the smaller customers who can’t afford what you have to offer at the price point.

Consider repackage your products or services so they become more affordable to another market segment. When business is slow, you need to search alternatives that put extra revenue in your pocket. This is what

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W = Win Win Synergy

It may be the right time to team up with business partners to cross promote each other. It may be in the form of direct promotion or co-registration to save on name capturing efforts.

If you haven’t considered it yet, information products are low cost way to promote your business and gain passive income at the same time. Consider leveraging what you already have to increase revenue.

With this tips AbangAbu sure you can grow your business during recession. When recession looms, it becomes more important to pay attention to what’s happening in your target market and how they react during the time. Low cost and effective marketing technologies are now available, making it possible to reach your target market through the new channel and medium.

Use them to your advantage, and see your business grows while your competitors are stuck in the same old paradigm. See you next week with more deadly tuesday tips

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