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MAP2BRICH eCoaching : Testimonials and OFFER that not 2B miss

AbangAbu feel bless and want to share with all of you. After nearly 1month of trial and 1 month of soft launch on the MAP2BRICH ecoaching been released. AbangAbu really want to know from all those who already on the coaching system how they are doing and any change on their financial pattern?

Than law of attraction works… I get some response and i want to just put up here …..

The first from Duriati

Dear abang abu, well afther being tot of what you have been told us to do and list all the bill and what KIV on my bill.  Open each indifuual pokect fiile fo  P.A.P.. (PAY AND PAY). It really work for me to kept tract and make easier for me solve the problem by comminicatin whith person who is concern. it morre help and make it more lesssen the problem. thank you. … duriati da.


You are really Mericle, cause wat im  now challenging myself to fight all negativtiy which make me down and frustrated, that wat i belief my self im good and i heading to success… You are come in the rite message.  From the day 1, i obersev that, but just hang to  know wat lesson frm you on and on.

Abang Abu  i rasa its not accidently you know ABOUT US , wat we are. but your valueable caring and professionalism make you feel wat happen to people you most care( under your map) .  How can we have a time to discuss, where im now in the big debt.  tq, hear from you, always…….  abd.

Why AbangAbu sharing this ………

The reason is because i want to let all know that this ecoaching worth a lot more than what all those who had subcribed. The worth is more than 600 dollars.

AbangAbu offered the first to all my inside circle my MAP2BRICH eCoaching at $19.90 for 12 months coaching ( about 0.06 cents a day)and AbangAbu get great response and all the slots that been offered been taken up. Than for the second month the price of my MAP2BRICH eCoaching moved up to $29.90 for 12 months coaching ( about 0.09 cents a day).a soft launch by only thru my blog and again all the slots been filled up.

After successful trials AbangAbu’s Team decide to do a launching soon with the launching price of $49.90 with the target of reaching $69.90 and guess what, Than the price will be in US dollars as another partner will be pairing with me to do a global launch next year.

AbangAbu feel to give away another 100 slots for the same SGD29.90 for MAP2BRICH e Coaching . However this offer will only till 15th MARCH 2009.

This  offer valid for only 100 slots of MAP2BRICH eCoaching for 365 days.

Not only that you will get 4 bonuses as well mystery bonuses that will be sent to you once you subcribe.

Dont Wait Get it NOW