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Biz Tip : H I T

Hi Everyone, How have you been? I believe all of you are in great health . It been great for AbangAbu. Just that my son Muhammad Ashaz was put in isolation in NUH for 2 days hehehehe. My son age 16 months . AbangAbu stayed with him there now he is back. And you know what , 2 nurse join my Simpan Challenge

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Today , AbangAbu want to give a tip that will be very useful to make your business a HIT in your industry or area. Everyone would like to build a business that will be a hit. This tip is a very simple one and is important in building a long lasting business.

So AbangAbu believe in order to make your business a HIT ,you must have this HIT in you and business.

So here we go.

H = Honesty

AbangAbu realise than this is a very important element in making your business really hit. Honesty in provinding every single promise that you make to your clients or customers . By being honest to whatever things and being honest with everyone does really help you. AbangAbu had expiriences in this many times. And being honest will make people help you and also give you chances.

This will indirectly make yourself and your business a HIT with all of your customers and client. So choose to be honest in any situation that you might come accros. And also AbangAbu also had many times allows etended time for certain people just because of the honesty that they have.

I = Intergrity

The difference between honesty and intregirty in AbangAbu’s eyes is that honesty is more for others to see and intergrity is for oneself. In Business intergrity is a key element for long term success. Be true to you values and never do something that against your value even when you are in a difficult situations.

Don’t sell a product or service that you know that will never benefit the customers. I have many time come accross people that i coach and my clients that been given something that never benefit them in Insurance and othe investment products. I believe this type of people will lose their clients and future business.

So, keep in mind to have intergrity in whatever you do. A key to A HIT business.

T – Trust

Trust is so important to be build between the customers and the business, the employer and the employee, the boss and the staff , the supplier and the business.

By building a solid trust among these key links in the business. It will destined to become a HIT . Building trust is a journey and a skill. Being a friend , understand your customer and staffs and creating a powerful network will make your business a business that can be trusted.

Having people to talk about you to others is also showing about the important of building trust. This can bring you and your business very far. When people have that trust than as the owner you now carry a bigger responsibilities.

Having mentors and supporters that have trust in you is a key in making your business a HIT. AbangAbu have a few freinds and mentors that have 100% trust in me. When you know that they are people who trust you no matter what happen , will make you really work and strive to achive success.

The most important person that have the most trust in me is my wife. WIthout her trust in the time i were struggling , i wont be enjoying what i am enjoying now.

Trust from your family is critical for your long term success. Build it and dont do stupid things that can crash that trust .

AbangAbu wish all of you to have a HIT business that will grow. glow and globalize.

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Wednesday Wealth

Hye and salam to all. AbangAbu decided to blog everyday with different theme for each day as you can now see on the categories. This is part of what additional value that AbangAbu want to give all of you, who constantly been supporting and appreciate all the things that AbangAbu been doing.

One of the most common request from most of my readers to include the wealth and money portion in my blog and now AbangAbu would love to do it every wednesday.

Many of us have the intention to become rich and wealthy. However we only have intentions and never get start. Many reasons were given to tell why they never start. PROCASTINATION is the main issue.

Abangabu want to tell you that PROCASTINATION is the no 1 Killer of being rich. We will never become rich as long we procrastinate to start.

What ever condition we are in now is not a matter, but what matter the most is the decision to commit ourself to become RICH and WEALTHY. As long as we are not committed we will never get where we want to go.  Abangabu want to ask you a question so you will understand the important of commitment.

3 birds sit on the tree. 2 decides to fly. How many remains on the tree?

Answer: 1 or 2 or 3……

There will be no right or wrong answers, it is all depends on how you think.

From the common answer Abangabu get will be 1 remain on the tree. But it is not true. why?

The 2 birds just decides to fly but have not fly.  So decision alone is not enough , it is the commitment what make people succeed financial world or in any other things.

AbangAbu believe this simple story will make you think and  make commitment to yourself of becoming RICH and WEALTHY. Dont worry where are you now, the problem that you having or any other thoughts that might make you feel that it is impposible. NO WORRIES  …….. because the word impossible = i m possible.

What AbangAbu wants you just to commit yourself to become rich. It is so simple.

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