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Business Tips – A T T A C K

Its been few weeks since AbangAbu never had chance to introduce new acronym. So this week i would like to share a powerful business tip that many want to read. Since this is the time that recovery process is begin to show up. It is sad that many business have to close shop during the global economy crisis.

What is sad that many who met with the disaster dont know how to get back into the game again. This was the case for AbangAbu who lost in an investment venture that been so bad. It took some time for AbangAbu to figure out on getting back on track, from preparing mindset and begin the recovery process that i would like to share with you.

So , The only way to get back into track after failure or disaster in business is to get up and A T T A C K.

Here you go in order to recover from setbacks and failures.
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Saturday Sling

Time is running and it is approaching the end of the year 2009. It has been a blessing year as usual. Many things that AbangAbu experience this year. This is the time for us to reflect again all that had happen and how we have move so far this year.

AbangAbu had most challenging year this year and it has been the most rewarding year too.

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PROJECT $$ ($ehari $ejam) AbangAbu

Sebagai rasa terimakasih dan juga sebagai meneruskan perjuangan membantu masyarakat melayu berjaya dalam menangani kemelut ekonomi diri dan keluarga .AbangAbu memulakan PROJECT $$ sebagai asas SIMPAN CHALLENGE yang begitu efektif sekali. AbangAbu syorkan anda semua menyertai SIMPAN Challenge.

Satu perkara yang menjadikan pengurusan kewangan mencabar adalah bil bil bulanan. Ramai pula hanya membayar tanpa membuat meneliti apakah yang dibayar dan mengapa?

AbangAbu ingin mencabar anda semua untuk mengambil masa sejam sehari dalam meneliti semua bil bil yang anda telah bayar dan cari jalan dalam mengurangkan apa yang anda bayar.

Langkah yang harus anda lakukan
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Wednesday Wealth: 5 Get-Rich-Quick Scams To Avoid – Part iii


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3. The Old-Fashioned Chain Letter: The First Outlawed Scheme
Chain letters don’t grace our mailboxes like they used to. Back in the day, a chain letter – either promising financial or relational gain – was almost guaranteed half a dozen times a year. But today, snail mail chain letters have neared extinction, thanks to the Internet and its electronic counterparts. Another factor also helps in today’s reduction of letters received – it is now illegal to mail such paraphernalia.

You may receive a promise return of an impressive sum of money in exchange for mailing cash or personal checks to an equally horrific number of recipients. Oftentimes, these letters have been distributed to literally thousands of names, meaning while the first person on the list may be doing quite nicely for themselves, you more than likely will never see a cent of profit.

If you are looking for ways to discern authentic chain letters from deceptive ones, this is simple – they are ALL deceptive. Due to their illegality, you will be hard pressed to find one; however, if one gets caught up in your pile of bills and personal correspondence, throw it away and do not give it a second thought.

Whats your opinion? Do comment

Wednesday Wealth: 5 Get-Rich-Quick Scams To Avoid

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This week AbangAbu want to share something important to know during recession period. As many are getting retrenchment benefit and may want to invest or find ways to invest.

As a guide AbangAbu want to share somethings that i believe good to avoid from investing in. And i always believe in getting the knowledge before investing. I recommend MAP2BRICH e coaching is something that you might want to get as one year online coaching on money.

So what are the those . read this article

With the Internet becoming our most universal media, the abundance of get-rich-quick schemes tends to increase every day. We live in such a wealth-driven society, it is no wonder people are drawn into the promises of the get-rich-quick idea. A good rule of thumb is to remember that if something seems too good to be true, it more than likely is. Staying practical and level-headed while trying to find ways to supplement your income will help you stay protected against Internet frauds and fake seminars promising instant fortune. Below is a list of the five most common get-rich-quick scams to reference when you aren’t sure if you should trust what you are reading online.

1. Pyramid Schemes: The Original Get-Rich-Quick Idea
While it may be a stretch to say it’s truly the “original,” it does seem as if pyramid schemes have been around forever. Making its debut in the form of a chain letter, a pyramid scheme is when a person partakes in a selling model with no guarantee of compensation. More commonly, people are “guaranteed” a certain amount of income when they spread the scheme’s idea to others. Tell ten friends and receive a bonus. Mail in a one-time fee to a dot com’s address, and watch the profits flow in. Do statements such as these sound familiar? Many of us have repeatedly seen them on Internet banner ads and pop-ups. While most know to ignore such advertisements, unfortunately many do fall prey to pyramid schemes each year.

Stay-at-home moms tend to be the largest demographic buying into pyramid schemes, as they love the idea of being able to help beef up the family income while working from home. The idea of being paid only by an earned “commission” does not often cross the mind of a mom as a scam, as she is distracted by dozens of other things and many of these sites include “testimonials” of other homemakers who are now apparently living in a beach house in Bermuda with their earnings.

A derivative of pyramid schemes known as multilevel marketing is another one targeted at home-based women. While reputable companies such as Avon and Party Lite can be a lucrative side business, the false hopes come in the form of a commission promise when workers convince friends and associates to join and start their own endeavor as well.

Protect yourself from get-rich-quick schemes such as these by only accepting work from home jobs that guarantee a base income. If they only want to pay you off of ad revenue or commission, follow your intuition. Many people know in their hearts when an organization is illegitimate; however, the concept of get-rich-quick money is tempting for anyone.

Wait for the 2nd one tomorrow.

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This week Entrepreneurs:Malay Arts Galery

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How are you ? Brothers and sisters. Even Abangabu is really busy thanks to the two students who manage to do this weekly segment for abangabu.com.

So this week we have something to do with arts. So , come lets learn something form this entrepreneur.

Here the interview

Name of Shop: Malay Arts Gallery

What kind of business do you have? What inspire you to become an entrepreneur?

We are selling Malay traditional handcraft and musical instrument. I would love to keep the heritage and not let it be forgotten.

Did you need to have a certain mindset to achieve success?

Yes of course we need to have a focus mindset. To be successful in something,we also need to have a lot of patience.

Have you notice a certain advantages to being an entrepreneur?
It is more on the time working hours where it is more flexible.

Is it difficult to get financing for businesses? If so, why and are there any solutions?
Of course but if we know how to maintain and look after our finances properly,it’ll be no problem.

Did you have a mentor to help you get started?
Yes,he is my husband. My family helped out in this business too.

Approximately how much money did you invest before your business became profitable?
It is a lot because our items are mostly antiques and handcrafts so it do take a lot of money to purchase them.

What resources were most helpful to you when you were starting your business?
I get all my items throughout Indonesia,including Riau,Sumatra,Surabaya,Jawa,Bandung and etc.We travel there ourselves to ensure good quality.

What ways have you found to be most effective in marketing your product or service to get sales?
We do not charge for our delivery service as we think that our items are reasonable to counter for the delivery charge. We have websites and blogs so that it is easier for people to know where we are.

What tips can you give others who want to embrace their dream but, don’t have the confidence or feel they don’t have what it takes to succeed?
We have to be brave and always focus in what we do. Do not always give up easily.

How do you manage juggling the responsibilities of being an entrepreneur?
It looks easy but actually its not. We have to make sure that all the things are available,taking orders must be efficient. And if things don’t have,we have to quickly find it. We also do delivery and it must be done well so that the things are not spoilt when reach the customer.

What’s next for you?
For now,not yet because it will be very hard if we think on the long run. If we were to have not just one outlet,we need top buy more stuffs and therefore we have to travel a lot. This takes up a lot of money and time.

Thats great!!!!!! so so much to learn yah….. Anyone have any suggestion do comment in the comment box. Enjoy the entrepreneurial journey ….

Biz Tips: W I S D O M

Recently AbangAbu sat down at think about entrepreneurs who been very successful, leaders who are great, and people who becomes legend. Why? Because i want to become one of those who left behind a legacy.

Those people never fear of any challenges that come to face them. They just move on and face everything till they get to the place they want to be.

Than i found out something. These people have WISDOM. They can see through tough times and achieve success in their life and made an impact on lives of others too. Positive impact i mean..

Currently the economy tsunami is hitting the whole world , and this is the moment people who had WISDOM will survive and become legends and legacy. And you entrepreneurs out there, you need to have WISDOM too. This week AbangAbu would love to  share about it . And let all of us have WISDOM ……..

So , this week WISDOM……

W- Will –

During this economic Tsunami ,Willingness to succeed. Williness to stay on , no matter whats happen in order to achieve the dream and vision. Willingness to put all effort . This is like a friend told me willingness to put blood, sweat, tears in the journey to achieve greatness. This is what all those legends have in common.

I- Implement

Implement new measures of cutting down cost of your business, Implement new startergy of geting new business , Draw up a new plan according to the current situation and resources available. The secret is staying relevent. DO implement. Many people have great plans and stratergy but failed to implement it. So Implement all the new measures that you have taken on.

S-Set target

Set target and internalize those target. Making it a must in making it happen.Target thats is challenging enough and at the same time something achiveable and realistic. It is always been great to use the SMART method when setting goals. Specific-Measurable-Atainanble-Realistic-Timeline.

D- Dedication

This element is very critical. Dedication towards the target that been set. Dedication toward the task that been asked to be perform. Dedication towards the responsibility that one has taken. Responsible to be dedicated.AbangAbu had many times failed to do this and keep on improving on it and than see results happening.

O- On the GO

No matter what people says, what is happening arounds us that is not our responsibility just dont let yourself stop from doing what you been doing correctly. The is no right way or wrong way but correct way, so choose the correct path and keep moving. Always ON the GO.

M- Maintain Positive Attitude

To do the above, you must maitain every moment maintain positive attitude. Mix with positive people, get on the habit of reading inspiring books that will make you stay positive .

AbangAbu believe with all these will make you to have the wisdom that one need to survive the current wave of economic tsunami. Get on the ship of the legends by having WISDOM

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MAP2BRICH eCoaching : Testimonials and OFFER that not 2B miss

AbangAbu feel bless and want to share with all of you. After nearly 1month of trial and 1 month of soft launch on the MAP2BRICH ecoaching been released. AbangAbu really want to know from all those who already on the coaching system how they are doing and any change on their financial pattern?

Than law of attraction works… I get some response and i want to just put up here …..

The first from Duriati

Dear abang abu, well afther being tot of what you have been told us to do and list all the bill and what KIV on my bill.  Open each indifuual pokect fiile fo  P.A.P.. (PAY AND PAY). It really work for me to kept tract and make easier for me solve the problem by comminicatin whith person who is concern. it morre help and make it more lesssen the problem. thank you. … duriati da.


You are really Mericle, cause wat im  now challenging myself to fight all negativtiy which make me down and frustrated, that wat i belief my self im good and i heading to success… You are come in the rite message.  From the day 1, i obersev that, but just hang to  know wat lesson frm you on and on.

Abang Abu  i rasa its not accidently you know ABOUT US , wat we are. but your valueable caring and professionalism make you feel wat happen to people you most care( under your map) .  How can we have a time to discuss, where im now in the big debt.  tq, hear from you, always…….  abd.

Why AbangAbu sharing this ………

The reason is because i want to let all know that this ecoaching worth a lot more than what all those who had subcribed. The worth is more than 600 dollars.

AbangAbu offered the first to all my inside circle my MAP2BRICH eCoaching at $19.90 for 12 months coaching ( about 0.06 cents a day)and AbangAbu get great response and all the slots that been offered been taken up. Than for the second month the price of my MAP2BRICH eCoaching moved up to $29.90 for 12 months coaching ( about 0.09 cents a day).a soft launch by only thru my blog and again all the slots been filled up.

After successful trials AbangAbu’s Team decide to do a launching soon with the launching price of $49.90 with the target of reaching $69.90 and guess what, Than the price will be in US dollars as another partner will be pairing with me to do a global launch next year.

AbangAbu feel to give away another 100 slots for the same SGD29.90 for MAP2BRICH e Coaching . However this offer will only till 15th MARCH 2009.

This  offer valid for only 100 slots of MAP2BRICH eCoaching for 365 days.

Not only that you will get 4 bonuses as well mystery bonuses that will be sent to you once you subcribe.

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Wednesday Wealth

Hye and salam to all. AbangAbu decided to blog everyday with different theme for each day as you can now see on the categories. This is part of what additional value that AbangAbu want to give all of you, who constantly been supporting and appreciate all the things that AbangAbu been doing.

One of the most common request from most of my readers to include the wealth and money portion in my blog and now AbangAbu would love to do it every wednesday.

Many of us have the intention to become rich and wealthy. However we only have intentions and never get start. Many reasons were given to tell why they never start. PROCASTINATION is the main issue.

Abangabu want to tell you that PROCASTINATION is the no 1 Killer of being rich. We will never become rich as long we procrastinate to start.

What ever condition we are in now is not a matter, but what matter the most is the decision to commit ourself to become RICH and WEALTHY. As long as we are not committed we will never get where we want to go.  Abangabu want to ask you a question so you will understand the important of commitment.

3 birds sit on the tree. 2 decides to fly. How many remains on the tree?

Answer: 1 or 2 or 3……

There will be no right or wrong answers, it is all depends on how you think.

From the common answer Abangabu get will be 1 remain on the tree. But it is not true. why?

The 2 birds just decides to fly but have not fly.  So decision alone is not enough , it is the commitment what make people succeed financial world or in any other things.

AbangAbu believe this simple story will make you think and  make commitment to yourself of becoming RICH and WEALTHY. Dont worry where are you now, the problem that you having or any other thoughts that might make you feel that it is impposible. NO WORRIES  …….. because the word impossible = i m possible.

What AbangAbu wants you just to commit yourself to become rich. It is so simple.

PS: AbangAbu email coaching MAP 2 B RICH is been offered to all those who already subscribe A-B-U success method. And the offer will be valid till 30th November as after will be taken out and will be offer at the actual price. I hope you dont miss out this as it is very valuable product that AbangAbu created. The lesson no 1 … DONT PROCRASTINATE. So dont wait download it now…

AbangAbu love to see your comments …so do comment.

Always Believe in Urself

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