Are You A Millionaire?

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How are you doing? I believe you are all GREAT.

I have some news that i want to share today. And i got this email below…. from someone that i dont know. The email goes like this…..

Are you a millionaire or a multi-millionaire?

AbangAbu’s answer:

What is your own definition of millionaire or multi-millionaire?If you think that having  liquid assets  worth a million is a millionaire or having properties worth millions is a multi millionaire than i am of those two. However i believe that to consider yourself a millionaire or not is up to you. For me being a millionaire means that you must at least earn net 1 million cash every year so i dont consider myself a millionaire. I am just a simple guy who still learning the ropes and journey in entrepreneurship. Infact i am learning every day and if you can teach me something that i need i will learn from you as well.

What are the 6 businesses that you own?

Abangabu answer:

I started more than 6 businesses and of course i make mistakes in some of the businesses and some become succesfull.

19——- Nazir Restaurant JB (Larkin , Skudai)

20——-Nazir Minimart JB (tun Aminah )

21——-Shabaz Enterprise ( Tun Aminah)

24——-Shabaz Electronics and Computers Pte Ltd ( Singapore)

26——Shabaz Gift And Souviniers ( Singapore)

26——-Miracle Juntion ( Singapore)

26——- Precession Consultancy( Singapore)

28——NowAsia ( Singapore)

30—— Design Indah Sdn Bhd ( KL)

31—– Design Engineering Sdn Bhd( KL)

34—–Dapur Indah Cafeteria(KL)

new startups:  AbangAbu , AbangAbu.TV also a new production firm soon.

Check on this so that you know which are existing and which are not.  must do work mah…. hahahaha

Are they companies or firms?
Companies are those that have “Pte Ltd” or “Ltd”.  Hence, if you are that rich, I am sure all your businesses are companies.

Abangabu answer:

Of course some of are pte ltd , some sole prop, some partnerships. If doesn’t matter if are rich or not . Starting business requires strategies and that is what it matters when you start as firm or any other form of legal entities. This my own opinion.
Do you have links to your businesses’ websites?

AbangAbu answer:

I have only 2 websites , Nowasia and AbangAbu as well AbangAbu .TV.
How come there is hardly any information on your businesses when I googled?

Abangabu answer:

Well that is not in my control . ahahahaha. maybe google  dont like me ahahahaha. anyway you can google my name abuayubul Ansari or AbangAbu . you might get some list there .

I hope this will a help for you. I dont have your email so i decide to publish it here so that maybe others can benefit as well.

Thank you.

Abangabu answer:

Welcome. may all of us grow rich and successful with social responsibility.

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  1. If you want to learn about entrepreneurship, the way a business is conducted,investing in properties, Abang Abu is the first person you should approach.

    He is very generous in sharing with the mass on his expertise.

    The Malay/Muslim community is extremely fortunate, and blessed to have a great entrepreneur who is willing to contribute his immense knowledge.

    Thanks Abang Abu. Keep in touch! 🙂

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