This week Entrepreneur

This week got owners of an online business.

I hope this will inspire and motivate us to start some thing.

So here is their sharing for us.


Name: Sanisah Satiman & Lydia Sarip

Age: 35 / 28

CEO of: MsDollyLolly


1)What kind of business do you have? What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?.

Online clothing business. Friends that actually have such business and succeeded. Also because of our passion for fashion.

2)Did you need to have a certain mindset to achieve success?

Know what we want, set a finite time to reach goals, know our priorities, know no failure and give one hundred and one percent.

3)Have you noticed certain advantages to being an entrepreneur?.

Network of friends has grown larger.

4)Is it difficult to get financing for businesses? If so why and are there any solutions?

Nope as our’s a small scale business. We started off with our own savings.

5)Did you have a mentor to help you get started?.

No one in particular. But our husbands are our pillars of support. Their constant encouragement and ideas spurred us on.

6)Approximately how much money did you invest before your business became profitable?

About S$5000 and it took us 9 months before we can see the profit.

7)What resources were most helpful to you when you were starting your business?

The internet as well as ideas from friends and family around us.

8)What ways have you found to be most effective in marketing your product or service to get sales?

Word of mouth, SMS, MSN and flea markets.

9)What tips can you give others who want to embrace their dream but, don’t have the confidence or feel they don’t have what it takes to succeed?

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. In the long run, we only hit what we aim at. Never, never, never, never give up . Make a success of living by seeing a goal and aiming for it unswervingly. You never really lose until you stop trying. Champions believe in themselves even if no one else does. In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can. They can because they think they can.

10)How do you manage juggling the responsibilities of being a entrepreneur?

Know our priorities and faithfully keeping to the organized schedule.

11)What’s next for you?

We hope our business will somehow have the same standard and influence in a regular retail business. (eg. IPZone)


  1. Did you have a mentor? ANS: No one in particular. But our husbands are our pillars of support. Their constant encouragement and ideas spurred us on.

    One of the best answers I’ve ever heard. Strength.

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