Got an Idea? WEEKLY CASH CHALLENGE—- $250.

I am in a great mood of giving more cash this month and want to make it even easier for all to win.

AbangAbu looking forward of giving away $250 this week.

The format of weekly cash challenge are now changed in order to give chance for all to win some cash.

however the basic rule is still the same:

Previous winners list.

4 Steps to be winner in weekly cash challenge:

1) download free e book ABU success Method from

2) Write your answers for the week in the comment box.

3)Visit daily as the tips and hints for the challenge might be there .

4) Do comment on my comment box the tittle of your idea.

Note: Those who have not download the ebook are not eligible to win the cash, The system will only recognizes the emails that already download the ebook list.


1) Do you have an idea of innovative ways of saving and making money? If yes do write it in minimum 300 words and email to . Winning ideas will be rewarded cash.

2) What is the acronym GROW stands for?


8 thoughts on “Got an Idea? WEEKLY CASH CHALLENGE—- $250.”

  1. 1) I have been using beautiful scenic photos from magazines to make into envelopes. These envelopes comes in different sizes to fit letters and cards. During Hari Raya, I even used them to make sampul duit. This way, I do not have to purchase sampul duit and the recipients of my sampul duit are delighted with different and unique envelopes. It is not exclusively for Hari Raya only.

    It can be used for other ocassions as well such as weddings and engagement. This way, we do not end up giving Hari Raya sampul at a funeral! The best part is, of course that it is extremely low cost. You only need to have a pair of scissors, a template and glue and collect used magazines from your friends, neighbours and families. We have made it more user friendly by adding a white sticker at a corner of the envelope for users to write names or addresses or any other greetings they wish.

    I am considering getting the parent volunteers in my son’s school to do more so that we can sell it and make money for them. They can do it anytime they are free, anywhere, even in the comfort of their own home. They can also get their spouse and children involved.

    2) G= Get Organised
    R= Reduce Budgets
    O= Offer Repackaged Products
    W= Win Win Synergy

  2. saya cuba nak download e book, tapi tak boleh. jadi bagaimana kalau ingin ikut serta dalam wwc ini?


    G….R…O…WISER ;p

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