Weekly Cash Challenge:$100 who got it ?


MAP untuk KAYA  1st session worth $49.00 now FREE on the 25h March 2009 , Wednesday  7.30pm to 9.30pm

Hi sisters and brothers,

Wow! It has been an extremely busy week for AbangAbu for the past week. And one good news is that there is a winner for the last challenge. The $100 dollars is now won after 2weeks.

So shall i announce the winner? Before that i would like to thank the sponsors MAP2BRICH and AHSHIK who had sponsored the cash.

The winner will also will be invited for a lunch or dinner with AbangAbu. Hmmmmmm. Good ryte.

SO the answers for the question ABU and CBD.

Beside so many answers that was rite we were looking for the one we wanted.

So the first week – A.B.U – Always Believe in Urself , Always Be Urself, Always Be Unstoppable, Always Be United, Always Be Useful.

CBD- Celebrity Business Doctor . So dont forget to buy the april issue of Selebrity Magazine. AbangAbu interviewed Nurul Aini.

The Winner for the last Weekly Cash Challenge is Muhamad Haidar . The cash giving presentation will be post in AbangAbu.com . And Congratulations for Haidar. For those who dont get no worries there will be new challenge.

Wait for it on Wednesday Morning. Any download my e book as many hints are in it. For this week challenge you will also have to tell which biz tip in abangabu.com you liked most.Get prepared by reading it.


  1. Irah

    always be useful? my answer..! sayang tak letak the CBD.. i missed that lah!
    ure the lucky one haidhar.. kena belanja makan tau! 😛

    anyway congrats bro! 🙂

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