Apa Khabar semua. AbangAbu ucapkan terima kasih kepada semua yang sudah memiliki buku kerja KOMPAS WANG . Sambutan baik. Belum lancar dah 60 order. Sekarang dah 500 over dah gone. Thank you for the support. Bagi yang masih belum get 1 copy . Hanya SGD 29 sahaja. Buku kerja untuk one year. Mesti berbaloi sebab … [Read more…]


Hallo all, Today AbangAbu¬† want to discuss on a very important aspect of business. Many businesses which doing well also be effected because cashflow problems. A healthy cashflow will keep the business floating in any situation. It is so critical on making our business is having a good cashflow. I want to share some tips … [Read more…]

Interview in KL Astro TV

Salam, AbangAbu was in KL for an interview pat Astro dalam rancangan WW Astro. Bersama Dang Suria and my close brother Dr Irfan Khairi.( www.irfankhairi.com) We discuss about cara cara membesarkan anak dari segi kewangan. AbgAbu juga ingin tahu apa pendapat para penduduk singapura khasnya masyarakat singapura. Untuk tip tip yang menarik ada hadiah menarik … [Read more…]


Hi dear readers, It been some time since i get to you in this segment of BizTips; Today i would love to share with you the one most important things that make a business grow and prosper. The word today is /MARKETING so what you should do in order to do in MARKETING to grow … [Read more…]

MAP untuk KAYA

Salam All. Workshop MAP untuk KAYA akan berlangsung pada 6th July 2008 .sunday from 9.30am to 6pm. A great workshop in malay on money skills and wealth creations. check your time and book a place. Only 15 seats available as it will be a coaching style. check MAP banner for mopre detail on the rite … [Read more…]

Article in The Sunday Times

Lorna Tan Sun, Dec 09, 2007 The Sunday Times Financial trainer banks on experience from running six businesses LIFE can present plenty of challenges but few people have dealt with ones so traumatic as those Mr Abuayubul Ansari faced 13 years ago.Mr Abuayubul, now 35, was driving his parents from Johor Baru to Penang when … [Read more…]

Are You A Millionaire?

Hi all, How are you doing? I believe you are all GREAT. I have some news that i want to share today. And i got this email below…. from someone that i dont know. The email goes like this….. Are you a millionaire or a multi-millionaire? AbangAbu’s answer: What is your own definition of millionaire … [Read more…]