Budget Tracking



The Most Effective Money Management System

Ever Conceived

Achieve Debt Freedom and Financial Peace.
How Five Simple Secrets will
Liberate Your Personal Budget!

This is first and foremost about a completely new way of managing your money. A paradigm shift. The fact that it’s all done using extremely effective, easy-to-use excel software? That’s just a bonus.

Welcome to MAP2BRICH budgeting and tracking system , home to a unique, powerful and proven way to manage your money that gets results. This methodology is called MAP2BRICH (BAT system.)

STOP-Living paycheck to paycheck, going into debt, worrying about your money,
putting off retirement, Over drafting your accounts, Arguing with your spouse

START-Paying cash for purchases, Living on less than you earn, Getting out of debt, Investing for retirement, Making your money work!, Working with your spouse.

Do you want to know how to become financially fit using Five Simple Rules? We implemented the Five Rules into superior, user-friendly software, which can be used through a spreadsheet program, or as a standalone Windows application.

System Worth $99

Can Be Yours Now Only For

SGD $9.60

Payment can be done via the methods shown below..

1.Pay online SGD 9.60

Pay online. Click the PAY NOW below.

2. Bank-in cash SGD 9.60 to  POSB SAVINGS: 060-72619-1 ( Singapore) anda wasap +6591078641

3. Bank in RM30.00 NOW ASIA INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD MAYBANK 555135109019 and  wasa p0197510509  RE:MAP BUDGET.

Please email to abangabu@nowasia.sg if you choose to pay by option 2 or 3.


    Saya ada beli package tn.yg beri discount sehingga rm 10.00… tapi masalahnya sehingga kini saya tidak menerima package itu lagi… saya kerap lihat email saya kalau2 ada…tapi.. dah terlalu lama sangat.
    Niat hati.. kalau baik,saya berminat utk pakej2 yg seterusnya.Tapi saya agak tawar hati… kerana tn tak beri respon yg baik.Selama ini bila saya beli brg online…tiada mengecewakan dpt brg.yg saya hendak.
    Klu tn masih menerima saya..disini saya sertakan email saya zbs65nis@yahoo.com. Pada mulanya saya dah unsubcrice tn.punya email malas nak dengar promote yg berdegar2… tapi… permintaan yg sedikit pun tak dipenuhi..tapi minat utk merancang kewangan sendiri…dan ada..rakan yg rekomen..jd disini saya luahkan utk kali yg terakhir.Ok terima kasih.

  2. Salam , boleh email to abangabu@nowasia.sg email dan juga detail . biar kami semak … sebab biasanya akan di hantar.

    Semak email atau spam sekiranya ada email dari NowAsia . Kalau ada email confirmation . Sila KLIK di Link Confirmation .

    Selepas itu tunggu email susual yang akan ada link download Map bajet ..

    Best Best Best . Sekiranya ada apa apa lagi email ke abangabu@nowasia.sg

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