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Abang Abu – STAR Entrepreneur

( Speaker, Trainer, Author, Reliable coach)

Affectionately known as Abang Abu, is the founder and CEO of Now Asia. He has a deep commitment towards young people’s success in entrepreneurship and financial intelligence.

Abu is head of the Young Entrepreneurs Club, Former President of Young Entrepreneurs Network (YEN) of the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Abu is also a qualified toastmaster and was a past president of Leng Kee Toastmaster’s club.

He has been a speaker in numerous business as well as community-based events and has been featured regularly in the local media (Berita Harian, New Paper, Oli and Warna). He also contributes to a regular column in Berita Harian (Belia & Bisnes bersama Abang Abu).
Appeared on national TV in Singapore and Malaysia in many programs related to Finance and Business.

His experience includes starting 6 businesses which included retail, F&B, and money-changing. As an investor, he owns a number of properties and has been trading in the stock market since a tender age of 19.

He is a graduate of the ‘Money and You’ Program, a certified wealth coach and Financial Fitness coach.

Abu was a winner of the SOE 2005 Award (Spirit of Enterprise) which recognizes individuals for their outstanding entrepreneurial quest received from Singapore H.E President  Nathan.

AbangAbu were selected as ASEAN OUTSTANDING YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR 2011 in Hanoi.

He is currently conducting “Program Map untuk Kaya”-A well known, best seller financial education program for adults. He also frequently conducts courses such as Train the trainer, Home business for women, Biz4Kids for kids and many other valuable programs that suit all walks of life.

The Chief Trainer for a community Program  Bijak Belanja .Mentioned by Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee at the national day rally 2009.

SIMPAN Challenge , another community project of AbangAbu’s Ideas that been supported by all Malay Muslim Media and organization in Singapore and Malaysia.

Abu also known as the MEKANIK$ who doing WANG POWER program in Malaysia with Asia’s No 1 Success Coach Dr Azizan Osman which attended by more than 12000 participants  and many other prominent names like Dr Dato Maznah Hamid (Iron Lady ), Dr Irfan Khairi ( Internet Millionaire) and many others.

Conducted Programs and invited to speak in Australia , India , Indonesia , Malaysia.

In 2013 .

with Bellum ( RichDadAsia Owner)

AbangAbu aka MEKANIK$ had officially appointed as the strategic partner for the world famous ROBERT KIYOSAKI’s CASHFLOW GAME BOARD MALAY Version and authorized to conduct and promote by RICHDADASIA.

AbangAbu aka The Money Mechanic is also certified by the NFFE as the Financial Educator …

And the latest in his collection is the GLOBAL AWARD by the Banking and Finance review as the Most innovative Financial Educator  2018 .


What PM LEE says about AbangAbu’s programs.
download (1)Excerpts form PM Lee’s 2009 NDR Speech

“This is important especially during the upcoming Ramadan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Hence,I welcome the ‘Bijak Belanja’ (Spend Wisely) campaign organised under the CLF (Community Leaders’ Forum) framework that encourages Malay-Muslims to be thrifty during the fasting month. Save something for a rainy day, and for your children’s education.”


Singaporeans reminded to be financially prudent  – The Straits Times.

(Bijak Belanja is a community program that organized by MENDAKI nationwide and this program is conducted by AbangAbu.)


What Minister Zainol says about SIMPAN Challenge.

“Simply sound. Simply Challenging too, too for some.

Good response to PM NDR call. Well done.”

TV 3 Interview about SIMPAN Challenge



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