BizTip: N E T W O R K

Hi all,

How are you all doing?I believe GREAT. I am really having a great journey in my all aspect of life. And today i would love to share one important element that made my life having such a great time.

Having good network will help in order to get our things and plan to be done faster.These are some basic preparation that will help you in your networking.

N= Name cards.

Make sure that you have a name card printed for yourself, make it simple and state both your name and contact number clearly.

E= Establish the rapport.

Establish rapport with people by being the first to approach them and always be approachable. People miss opportunities because they have fear to establish rapport with others. Always be the first to introduce yourself to others.

T= Two ways exchange.

Always think about having a conversation that is two way communications. The biggest mistake people do when they network is having one way communication where they will only focus only telling about themselves and what they do . The best way to get people interested to network with you is by listening to them. So always listen to others.


When you work out deals with this contact or network do keep in mind of a win-win proposition. Always ask your self how can the other person benefits from this relationship or deal.

O = Opportunity to gather information

Take every networking opportunities as a place that you can gather informations about others as well new trends in the market. Go with an open mind to learn something from the networking session.

R= Research

Research the networking session that you want to go and about the people that will be there as well. Doing this allows you to have the best result out of the networking session.It is always good to do some research and know where you are going.

K= Keep in Touch

One common mistake that people fail to do was to stay in touch with the people involved in the networking.I made this mistake earlier by not staying in touch and i know how much it means now to be in touch and sent email as well as sms to the people involved.

I understand that there were no point if we were going to all networking session but fail to keep in touch with the people you met or an sms within 24 hours after you met them.

I believe this will be some points for all of us to take note in order to build a great network. Some of my great business associates as well good friends are the one that i met at networking session.

Quick Updates ; AbangAbu and Mekanik$

It has been always great to be in KL to do talks and seminars.

After my saturday’s Bijak Belanja session, AbangAbu had Bicara Wang talk with IK in PJ on sunday.

We had a great time again doing what we love. Sharing knowledge that we have that we believe will add value in life of those attended.

Ipoh is our next stop for BICARA WANG bersama IK & MEKANIK $ on the 18th April 2010 , than in JB on 24 April noon.

In Singapore , dont miss out the MAP-BMW Solution Circle ( BisnesMindaWang) on 6th April / 7th April

Another exciting news to warga malaysia. AbangAbu’s Best Wealth workshop MAP untuk KAYA Express 1 Day , 8am to 8pm will be happening on the 17th April 2010.
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