Are You a Singaporean ?

Are you running a business ? Or Are you thinking to start one?

Are you keen to learn about Entrepreneurship ?

Do you want to be a great presenter ?

Your Finance , is it in order ?


We are looking for 50 people in Singapore that fit any one of the 5 statement above .

We want to train them for 2 days fully sponsored with lunch and tea breaks . Normal will cost you SGD1750.

If you keen and want to be in this program do response to this link in my facebook

Meet up for early discussion with BBC's steve and rainbows ray in Singapore. A program fully sponsored for Singaporean…

Posted by AbangAbu Abuayubul Ansari on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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The first thing to do with your finance , is to get a strategy planned. No matter you are rich or broke . No matter you are doing business or employed . It is always about getting correctly in the journey of money.

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