CABARAN101010- Hard Truth 1st draft.

All praise to Almighty who have created the opportunity to begin a change in community becoming vibrant financially. I am amazed with everything that happens. Since it were just a thought in my mind till it be out there as a gift to the community.

The journey began with support from close friends and mentors. Than come teams to support but it was a lesson that i learn. To be more clear in communication. However i been courages in making it clear and seeking support, yet i failed to get the support.

Soon , more people pull out from being in the team and left with me alone looking for support from Almighty. I stay to my decision to carry on as this is for Almighty. I am looking for a WIN WIN with anyone who would like to join in the team, however many were just to take advantage and having self motive for themselves.

Than these people try to bad mouth of the intention of these program 101010. I were so surprised as i really have the confidence that they are in for community as what they always say. It is disturbing to know that many using the word community for personal agenda. May Almighty guide them into the correct path. Ameen.

Moving on , new people to come in saying can help to organize ann bring in the numbers to make the cabaran 101010 a great success. Allowing them meaning i am handing over a great responsibility , I am sure they can do as they had a very serious and clear leader. Soon things seems to get the way it should head , than again words and action are 2 different things. There were no result seen after 30 days and the number remain same of only 40+ join in. And all that number came from our own effort before that. This make me think again and took back the responsibility on myself.

This time it was so near , just a month left and we are very very far from the target , AbangAbu keep going and get support from organization that i belongs too as well. With that AbangAbu work again on the journey doing this project for the community. The strength i get from this journey was awesome as i put my NIAT for ALLAH. Things become easy and smooth when you do thing for the correct niat. Support comes in and every body want to get into that again. I open arm and get them all to come and do it together.

Some of those who known in the community just take a step and look on what is happening with the intentions it will never succeed. They never even come forward to know and understand what we are doing but saying things that is not what we are doing to those people who follows them. hehehehehe

AbangAbu felt that as long my niat is correct i am not going to take all this into my head. hahahah i just keep enjoying what i am doing and with support that i am getting from the family and mentors make me move and keep moving.

Now it is the TIME i am really taking bigger responsibility in making all those in cabaran move forward and create that AURA that our community need in making us and our faith GREAT.

one thing from all of you that read this post , Just a DOA from you will mean alot for the success of this cabaran101010….

Lesson learnt:
1) Niat for Allah in all things that you do.
2) Always forgive and move on with your intentions.
3) Remember to DANCE
4) MAP is the KEY in success.
5) Never give up. Keep learning everytime you fail

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