IFTAR with Muslim Organizations

This Ramadhan have been GREAT and this year AbangAbu had opportunity to have Iftar with many Muslim Organization under invitations.

AbangAbu would like to thank all the Organization.

Started with AIN Society where the Iftar have taken place at Malay Village in Geylang. AbangAbu meet many DJ from Warna and also students that AbangAbu teach in AIN Society .Dr Ahmad Magat were there.

Than AbangAbu had thecghance to have Iftar with Darul Makmur Mosque at Yishun where AbangAbu had a short taklk before the Iftar.

AbangAbu had Iftar with the Management of Sultan Mosque and DPPMS exco where together with many jeamaah masjid . Speaker Mr Abdullah Tarmugi , Minister Zainol Abideen Rasheed and

Mr Hawazi Daipi were among the VIPs.

AbangAbu just back from Taman Warisan Melayu after having Iftar organized by MKAC . Brother Ameralli the Chairman mentioned to the guest which include many MMO leaders , Minister Zainol Abideen Rasheed ,

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