one of the BEST Nights

Salam ,

AbangAbu would like to share how powerful these nights that been given to us. These are the nights all our wishes and doa’s will be accepted.

Ask forgiveness and make your heart pure and let go all bad things from your heart.

Don’t be jealous of anyone, dont hate anyone , forgive others and focus on what you want.

Ask help and be positif and firm on what you want. It is happening for me and i believe it will for everyone.

Always have good intention and you will get everything that you need without you asking for it. That is the power of these nights.

And SIMPAN CHALLENGE get a booster as Berita Harian ( kelab Ekoniaga will be jointly organize this campaign and bro sujimy will be also providing the daily tips with abangabu. Samsoon Zee will be doing a reality video on the journey of SIMPAN Challenge. Bro Fadzuli will be on the tech site of these campaign.

Ustaz Rahman will provide all the doa’s and hadis and some guide on money and wealth in Islam during this Simpan Challenge. So dont wait , Support by joining and getting others involve.

It is our community and it is our responsiblity to make it better .

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