Biz Tip : 4 R

Great day to all my friends , brothers and sisters.

For All muslim brothers and sisters AbangAbu wish all of you Ramadhan Mubarak.

Today will be the beginning of 1st Ramadhan as well 1st August. This will a great time for AbangAbu introduce a concept that will make your business to strive and get the goal that been set when we first do at the beginning of the year.

It is like almost toward the last quarter of the year and where are we right now. This is the best time for us to use the 4R concept that AbangAbu would like to share with all of you.

Are ready? If your ready than lets start now

4 R = Reflect , Relook, Realign and Reactivate.


This is something many dont do. We keep on moving without really know whether are we going on the track that we suppose to travel or we are out of track or even we are on a different track.

It happens as there are many tracks that suddenly will be along the track that you decide to take. Many of us because of many factors we decide to choose to change or off track.

So it will be a great time for us to reflect on our journey so far , in our business as well in other part of our life.

And Ramadhan will be a great time for us to do a reflection about ourselves , our journey , our life, our family and everything. Reflect and do a self learning on things that you have learn in the journey, the mistakes that you might have commit.

Take all the great things and put to do it again , and all those lessons that you learn make it a point you will never experience again.

And as a formula , do a daily one sentence journal about your day everday and start to do it at the same time everyday. And make it a habit to do a daily reflection and this will bring us closer to the goal that we have in view. Insya allah.


After all the reflections that we do to our journey , we need to relook at ourselves on what we need to have or ask questions like do i have what it takes to get the goal i set.

The effective way to re look is to see one of your idol or mentor in the trade that you are involved. Look for things that they have that you too need to instill in you.

Most of the time it is not the outer things but rather the inner things is the one we lost to those successful people.

Relook and start to instill those things that we need to put in ourselves. This inlcuding Self Belief, Self confidence, Passion , Desire and more positive things.


Once you have relook and understand what you need to instill, bring back the spirit and the feelings that you had when you first write down all the goals and intentions that you set in the beginning of the year. When you do write it again , you must do it in full concentration as well full focus on that thing that you want to set. By doing this you are aligning again to the thought that already exist in you. This will make you brain to re align again with the goals that you set early in the beginning of the year.

So this is where the things starts again. Your feeling is up, confidence get boosted up and you are back on track again. And you can get it re activated.


Re activating is more like setting a goal and than plan to get the goal by doing some action plan,

A proven method on getting our goals is using this tecnique.

Writing, Affirmations and Visualization.

Write clearly of your goals and be specific as possible using SMART way.

Than afirm that satement on a daily basis.

And keep visualize on that goal every day thing your thought can make your body feel the vibrations of the vizualization.

I am sure these technique will help you to start your journey again. All the best and keep visiting my blog .

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