Biz Tip : F A S T


AbangAbu want to share an intresting TIP that just out from my mind. While sitting at my table doing an agreement for a client on business coaching. As business coaching is something that i just add to my services , AbangAbu was thinking on how to get FAST growth in the new service that i provide.

In that matter i was thinking no matter what ever that we want to make it FAST in our business is possible. Than i had the secret of getting it fast. Using the acronym FAST.

F- Focus

Focus on what you do is the most critical in achieving our goals. Focus on only one thing and do it great. All fast achievers of their goals agreed that single focus help them to  get it fast. So do you focus on what you do and is that the one thing that you really focus?

A- Attention

Pay Attention to every single matter that related to your goal. It can be a simple feedback, critics or even congratulation notes. Pay attentions on what happen outside world related to what you doing, your industry, technologies, governments initiatives.

S- Strategies

Dont ever stay with just one strategy in doing something. test different ways and look for the best way . Learn from successful businesses and look at the way they do things. look inside an organization that always create success. Do you have stratergies?  Without right stratergy you will have to pay a big price and have to wait.

T- Target

Know your target. Set the target. Plan. Work towards your target, Keep track . Understand what you need , resources and all that it takes to get to your goal.

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