Biz Tip – KL-JKT-SG

Some points during my journey to these 3 capitals recently and something we can learn for our business.


K=Knowing People – This is something very important to do business in any part of the world. And in KL this will be a very great advantage for business people. So before doing business in KL do get to know people and resourceful contacts. Keep building your contacs in KL

L=Leverage – When you would like to do something always do it with someone who already doing it. Join them , work with them or create synergy with them. This is the best thing rather than trying out on your own.


J= Just Do it – Something interesting in Jakarta is about just do it. And it will always need adjustments on the journey. There will never be a perfect plan that you can follow. You have to just begin and adjust on the journey as how perfect your plan can be , you will face time to change your plans when you do business in Jakarta.

K= Keep Doing – The secret of getting bigger success is about keep doing what been working for you and get it bigger by expanding or grow it. That is the key for your business to get the momentum and stay strong in the industry.

T=Tradition – What i mean with this , to be in the indonesian market and get support from domestic , than you have to be traditionally blended with whatever your concept be. Tradition is one of the strong reason for locals to support. These is because indonesian are the most patriotic among all 3 capitals. So blend everything with tradition and your business will score better.


S= Skill – If you want to do business in Singapore than make sure you have some skills that the locals lack of. And one thing that i notice that the locals lack compared to the other 2 capitals is the skill of taking risk . So develop that skill of taking risk when you enter singapore for business.

G= Good /Great – And to score big in Singapore than make sure you and your business are good even better great. This is what the people of singapore will look for. The price is always secondary for singaporean in general, but quality come first. So thats the secret in making it big in Singapore.

AbangAbu have give you some tips and my own personal observation about what you need to do or develop to succeed in these 3 capitals.

Do comment if you have other things that can help my readers too.

Till see you again soon.

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