Biz Tip: S E L L I N G

ck AbangAbu believe that every one is having great time. Remember only when we feel GREAT than we can overcome any challenges in our life. so ( GET REALLY EXCITED ABOUT TODAY)………

This is one of the most challenging time for entrepreneurs and business however there is always great opportunities ahead as well.

One of the way to stay afloat in this current times is to do one of the most important thing. It is to keep SELLING. This will make your business keep floating and even grow in the current condition.

However what the best way and steps to sell….. Here we go…

S= Set Target

Always start your week or even day on the target number or even amount that you want to achieve. Write it somewhere that can always be seen. Keep tell your mind about it and keep thinking about it . This wil keep you on track of your target.

E= Ever Ready

You must make sure that you are always ready with every tools that needed in the sales. Things like brochures, forms, samples, testimonials, and everything that will support you in the selling process. You  must keep up to date information about your own product or services that you are selling. You must be able to answer any questions from the customers or clients with confidence. This will only happen if you are ready. So be always ever ready.

L= Learn to Ask Good questions.

This is an important skill to have in order to really selling well. By asking good questions, it will give you a greater chance of making the person make a decision to buy. Do it by asking open ended questions like why?, where?, what? when? who? how? . With this kind of questions you will able to get more informations that you might need  to give them a solution.

L= Learn to listen

This is critical aspect. Many of us forget this factor and guess what we lose most of the sale. When a person is talking or answering your questions please LISTEN. Never cut off while the person is talking, Let him or her complete before you open your mouth.  By just listening carefully you will be able to decide what kind of solution will be the best for the person. It will make you be seen as a problem solver rather than a salesman.

I= Initiate

Once you understand their problem and needs , you have to lead them into the sales process by involving them. Make it that they are the one who in charge of the sales process. With a certain responsibility that we gave them will make them feel that it is their responsibility to accept the offer or buy the product or services. So always make sure you involve your customer in the sales process.


This is a process where by you must be very smart. When come to a stage that the price is a concern than this process will have to take place. Never offer anything first, let them come to you with their offer. There is a saying that who offer first will lose.… so wait for the offer and than you decide or counter offer. Make this process a friendly one. Always remember it must be a WIN-WIN. Both side must agree and must benefit from the deal.

G= GET referral and testimonials

After the agreement and the sales process is complete. Do one more thing. Just as for referral from them. They will be happy to give you if they like you and your service. This is where you will get new customers who already know your services and product from their friend.

At the same time do collect testimonials from your customers and this will be a great tool in order to tell others that your product or services are worth it.

So , My friends, brothers and sisters. Use this steps in orders to make your business profitable and floats in any economic condition.

Do leave a comment and also any other input that you have regarding this tips.

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