Biz Tips: B L O G

Dear brothers and sisters,

How have you all been? I believe all of us are having GREAT time. Business opportunities are really abundance and during recession it is really great opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs.

This week AbangAbu learn some important element to promote our business and services. It is something call blogging. It is a very interesting way to get your business known to the whole world. AbangAbu is now really enjoying it as money start flowing in. I would love to share to all of us how to create a powerful blog that can attract people to your business.

So what to do to have great blog. The answer just B L O G.

so here we go…….

B- Blog –

Blog consistently . This is important to make your readers have a reason to come back again and again. AbangAbu also now doing all my best to blog consistently. It mught be very hard to do it everyday , however you can do it once every 2 days like my bro . So decide the days you want to write your blog.


When we do write something that we blog about, it will be always be good to show people something that can help them to learn about the subject or even a place that they can source it. Most of bloogers dont have things on their own to sell. AbangAbu believe that you can always leverage by selling someone else product or services by become an affiliate.

O – Offer –

When people visit your blog, offer something that will make them stay and become a regular. Better still offer something that will make them to take action. It can be in a form of an ebook, a competition, free service for a certain days, free email updates and many creative ways.

G- Groom

This is where AbangAbu still learning. However i believe that you need to groom your blog’s look in order to be appealling for people to came again and again. If you really dont have the skills and knowledge than get someone to do it for you. One example of a blog that be on constant grooming is Bro Fadzuli . It has been constantly changing . And you might want your blog to be groomed as well and get it  done by Hafihz.

So readers this is the tips that you can start on to create a great blog. So again why wait lets start to B L O G.

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