Biz-Tips: D A N C E

Hi friends ,

In order to achieve our goals we have been doing a lot of things . Some achieved what they wanted and most never get even near to that goal. Why?

I’ve been successful on studying about people regarding what they got and whatever they planned for.when I look back and reflect on myself, I start to implement on what they had been doing and I saw many positive thought as well as character in me. The only theory that I could share with you is that, (things changes if we want a change.)

I realized that all those who had succeeded in life went through stages of difficulty which I call it as a stage towards success. Basically it’s a process stage that I want to share with all of you who happened to read this journal of mine. I called it a dance.

So in order to be successful we need to D A N C E

D- Decide-In order to improve our situation in life, we have to set our mind to doing things rightly. We have to be firm to our self and bare in mind that if we want a change in something, we have to set it right and go all out in changing. If we don’t decide for our self, who will? So decision making on what we want in life plays an important role in our lives.

A- Action- Decision alone will never bring where we want to go or what we want to achieve .Without positive thinking and good step of action, nothing can be achieve because positive action is where it will lead us to our final destination. The actions that we take will also determine where we stand. This is a challenge not a test. Let time decide every movement of ours.

N= Notice plays an important role in our life. People tend not to notice the faith they have in themselves. People who don’t have faith in themselves and doesn’t believe in what they can achieve already fail this stage. Clear any doubt in you and push yourself to achieve what you dream of. Dreams are beyond anyone’s control. Dream is where your hard work lies. By clearing your doubts, you will have confidence and be the perfect one in yourself. Therefore, believing and noticing what is happening around you as well as the inner part of you plays the main role in achieving what you want. In here I would like to add some spice about characteristic. Besides faith and confidence, characteristic also play along with what you will be in future. When you are at your lowest point of time, where the every one is turning their back on you and you have difficulties in getting up after a great fall, than this ‘character’ in you will help you up. The world may turn you down, people will never stop talking and the truth always hurts. If you push your way through, you will find the light. People always say, walk with the crowd because that’s where every one is heading to a better standard of living. All you have to do is to stand tall. Every one is walking in the same direction. But not all of them are walking tall.

C= Change . keep changing the way you live your life because nothing last forever. Change only for the better and from better to the best. Do not expect a change to happen if you are in the same post. Look at other people; learn from them and eventually you will make it big. Hard work is paid for at the end of the day when you give your fullest commitment. Never be afraid to venture on new things. Life is all about taking a risk. Interest in what ever that you want to do will make you stick to the things you want.

E= Evaluate your progress. Look and compare at what have you been doing and see what the result that getting on you. Keep a record as well as a progress chart on your goal.

I believe that this method will help you in your journey getting your goals. Keep posting and email me if you have suggestions and need any kind of tip on any particular skills.

2 thoughts on “Biz-Tips: D A N C E”

  1. let’s dance together
    get on the dance floor
    the party won’t start
    if you stand still like that…….

    I have to take action……I want to study and observe successful people’s behavior & attitude. I want to be successful business people like you, Abang Abu……

  2. I advocate your stance on “stage towards success”.

    It is a positive reframing of “stages of difficulty”. 🙂

    A simple word to describe “we have to set it right and go all out in changing” is COMMITMENT.

    One have to be COMMITTED to his goals, and…..

    (ACTION) move towards it unwaveringly, with no excuses, no justifications, no reasonings to halt.

    (BELIEF)To stand and walk tall, requires a dieing conviction and BELIEF that you will be able to weather all obstacles, and challenges that may hit you hard….

    and…nothing in the world is constant, only CHANGE…. Either you move forward, or backward…You wont stand still….coz every single thing is moving….

    Evaluate….Content is not what we seek, satisfaction, self actualisation is what we need… 🙂

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