Tuesday Biz Tip: T A L K

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Hi brothers and sisters. Great to write again today. AbangAbu planned to write regularly if not everyday. It also improve my writing skills and also give me more ideas thus keep my  mind working.hehehehe.

Today , Biz Tip day so AbangAbu want to share some tip that will be useful and something i regard as very important during the times like today’s economy. Communication skills are indeed very very crucial during this times. Those who have great communication skills can perform better than who are not good at it.

Every business need to communicate to the people so that they will be heard of and been seen. Infact every entrepreneur must have this skill. The great thing is that it is a learnable skill. Business communication is one must have skill in an entrepreneur.

Todays Tip on communication is TALK. Well you need to keep on talking to survive and grow in todays business well. You must also know how to TALK. So how?……. Here you are today

T – Tell Stories

Stories make people remember you than any of your points. Stories build rapport with your audience and also give you more credibility. Look for a story that your product or service even about yourself that have direct link to your business. Tell it to your audience and prospect. Do it. Download my storie for free in my blog.

A- Add enthusiasm

This is what make a successful presenter. When you are enthusiastic than your listener will be too. Give your communication some energy. Smile even people are not energetic at the beginning. So remember every time you present put energy in your conversation.

L- Limit Points

Always remember what you want to tell.Just ask yourself what is the one thing that you want them to know from your conversation? Observe those are successful presenters , they limit their points. And it is so effective. Don’t throw many points or tell a lots of things till they confuses. This is common mistake that many are doing and than wonder why people still dont buy from them. Remember, human mind likes to think about one thing at a time.

K- Keep it Simply Sweet.

Don’t get nervous and even you are never think about it. In fact focus on your audience and your conversation. The great way to handle this is by being yourself and keep things simple. Talk in the way you are comfortable. Use simple language and avoid jargon’s. When you are in doubt, speak from the heart. This will let your audience see the real you and you will have the confidence again.

AbangAbu believe when you practice TALK in your communications you speaking skills will improve tremendously. Till meet you with another biz tip keep TALKing using TALK.

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