Human touch. Its still the most powerful marketing

Thought this will be useful…. even how power a machine can be the human touch will beat everything….

The Human Connection by My mentor to me.

For years, we’ve been hearing about how bad airline service
is, but I still recall a United employee who impressed me
enough to forgive the company, give them another try, and I
even bought her a small box of candy from the airport gift
shop! What did she do that was so impressive?

She listened, got Mary and me a seat on the next available
flight, and smiled while she did it.

She did her job with humility, friendliness and style. She
laughed with us, sympathized with our flight being delayed,
and took time to get us the best possible connections. It
took her no more than five minutes, but the sense that she
cared and that she was doing her best left a huge

United airlines is a big corporation, with thousands of
employees, and yet this woman in the Seattle airport
clearly valued our business. She treated us as friends; she
treated us with respect, kindness and concern.

I recently heard an ad for a large insurance company,
boasting that they do not use automated machines on their
phones and promising that every call would be answered by a
human being within 60 seconds. It was a powerful ad, with a
powerful message and it obviously struck a chord — I
remember it out of all the ads I’ve heard recently.

In an age of impersonal business transactions, the human
touch is a uniquely powerful selling idea. That may be a
sad commentary but it is a sound business proposition.
People have always appreciated the human connection and we
are powerfully attracted to those who respect us.

To give your business or professional practice an
unbeatable edge, answer your own phone. Use your first name
and address customers by their names. Reach out in a warm
and friendly manner, and they may become your customer for

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