1. N

    tks for bringing in this topics. truly inspiring.btw is there a way to contact this lady.wud like to know more abt the biz

    tks again

  2. AbangAbu

    salam , yes i think i miss out the tel num of the contact person.

    Cek Noraini Anybody interested, just call 94679074.

  3. ~niyqaabiy~

    Masha^Allaah! That is soOoo inspiring!

    Al’hamduwlillah, I started my trading bussiness a couple of years ago but it has not got me far yet. I’m not complaining coz I’m really happy and enjoy what I’m doing, al’hamduwlillaah.

    Also, don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up but I’m now thinking of going a step further now by becoming a supplier to some schools that use my product BUT I’m now trying to promote and make my product attractive not just in quality but also in price as it is quite a competitive bussiness.

    Why would I want to enter a bussiness where there is great competition, you may ask?

    Well, coz I’m confident that I could deliver better quality and prices compare to what I see in the current market…and it really annoys me to see how my competitors could stay in bussiness with such “shaby and low quality products with ridiculous prices!!!”

    I believe I can do a better job! Hows that for confidence!

    Ehem…but I’m still making “baby steps” here…:-(

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