This Week Entreprenuer – June 2013- Hishamuddin bin Yaakub

Today AbangAbu would like to introduce a very aspiring young entrepreneur. lets learn from this young man.
Nama: Hishamuddin bin Yaakub
Nama Perniagaan: Unit Trust Investment Consulting
Khidmat perniagaan: Consultation on Unit Trust Investment
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1) What kind of business do you have? What inspired you to become an Entrepreneur business owner?
Currently I am in the Unit Trust Investment Consulting.
I started this business as a contigency plan when I quit my 9-5 job. Then I came to realize that being in the business is not just about becoming rich.
It’s about becoming worthy, helping other to be financially prudent and at the same time enjoying the thing that I do2)Did you need to have a certain mindset to achieve success?
I believe mindset is the main thing to achieve success. Be grateful for everything that we have even it is a small thing. Then I believe that
in order for us to receive we must give first. Our task is only to give value to other sincerely and let Allah do his part.

3)Have you noticed certain advantages to being an entrepreneur business owner?
Yes – Time flexibility. Plus we dictate how the business should be. Furthermore, doing this that we love to do makes me like playing rather than working.

4)Did you have a mentor to help you get started?
Yes. I learn for several mentors. It improve the learning curve as well as getting the business into right direction

5)Approximately how much money did you invest before your business became profitable?
Since my business is a service type of business, the investment is small around RM1,000 to get it started.

6)What ways have you found to be most effective in marketing your product or service to get sales?
For marketing, most of the time I use referral marketing. I started with friends and family then grow my business from there.
In addition I believe sharing our experience and knowledge in Facebook also do helps us to build reputation and grow my business.

7)What tips can you give others who want to embrace their dream but, don’t have the confidence or feel they don’t have what it takes to succeed?
Life and time is a gift from Allah. Everybody is being given the best tools to achieve our dream and that is ourselves.
Of course there will be challenge, but it is better to face the challenge rather that live to regret ourselves on not pursuing our dream

8) How does AbangAbu’s Program had helped you ? If yes , what difference you see before and after the program?
Yes, since abangabu’s program is quite related to my business, it have improve my sales presentation.
I spend my monthly budget more wisely now using Kompass Wang.
My Investment portfolio is in the process to be well diversified according to Engine Wang.
I have made a good 5 years financial plan and I am confident that I achieve it

9) Have you manage to get the Investment that you put into attending his program ?
Yes, Kompang Wang itself help me save from RM200-300 per month.
Currently I have already manage to have around RM800 right per month Passive Income.

10)What’s next for you? Share your plans.
Priority now is put fill up Tangki Wang.
Currently I already sold my property that have a bad cashflow and not so good capital appreciation, and now looking for a new one.
I have started to refinance my home since the interest is low now and use the extra cash to be invested based on Engine Wang.
Still learning on stock trading.
For the next 5 years, the focus will be to create Passive Income to support all my expenses and monthly spending.Optional :
11) Anything that you want to share .
Abang Abu program is superb and it is a must-attend course since personal financing is very important.
Its very simple, straight forward, practical, step-by-step course meant for any level to adapt.
It teach you not just about accumulating wealth, but it teach us about getting rich, the right way.

12) Others………..
Lastly, thank you abang abu, I should attend this course 5 years ago. It should made compulsary course in university

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