WEEKLY CASH CHALLENGE @ $150 cash waiting for you

Weekly abangabu.com’s cash challenge meet all of you again this week. This week’s challenge offers $150. There were no winners for the past two weeks.

Previous winners list.

4 Steps to be winner in weekly cash challenge:

1) download free e book ABU success Method from www.abangabu.com

2) Write your answers for the week in the comment box.

3) Subscribe to the MAP2BRICH ecoaching as questions will be also might come from here. Those who subscribed stand better chance.

4)Visit abangabu.com daily as the tips and hints for the challenge might be there .

Note: Those who have not download the ebook are not eligible to win the cash, The system will only recognizes the emails that already download the ebook list.


1) What is the name of the money management system that AbangAbu recommend to use?

2) What is the acronym GETRICH stands for?

3) What the best tips you like form abangabu.com

So dont wait any longer participate and get the cash ……..

All the best and good luck

This week challenge sponsored by TheBOSS

Co- Sponsored  MAP2BRICH

*If you like to sponsor the cash do contact abangabu@nowasia.sg


  1. murni

    1) Mission.Action.Planning
    2) Get up early,Earn more than you spend,Train yourself in one financially value able skill,Resource Network,Invest,Chsrity,Habit
    3) Succeed

    Give us a clue la for No 1…

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