Weekly Wednesday Cash Challenge – WEEK

SIMPAN Challenge NOVEMBER 2009- Join Sekarang to make $1000


The weekly WWC is back again after ramdhan and syawal breaks.

This week the cash price of $50 is waiting for its winner.

Previous winners list.

3 Steps to be winner in weekly cash challenge:

1) download free e book ABU success Method

2) Write your answers for the week in the comment box.

3)Visit http://abangabu.com daily, as the tips and hints for the challenge might be there .

Note: Those who have not download the ebook are not eligible to win the cash, The system will only recognizes the emails that already download the ebook list.


1) Who wrote the BOOK ‘7 steps to become a young entrepreneur‘?

2) What is the acronym PASSION stands for?

3) What one thing you like in www.abangabu.com

So dont wait any longer participate and get the cash ……..

All the best and good luck

This week challenge sponsored by TheBOSS

Co- Sponsored  MAP2BRICH

29 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday Cash Challenge – WEEK”

  1. Salam Abg Abu,

    Here are my answers to this week’s contest:
    1. Mohamad Asyik Abuayubul (your son..)
    2. P-Purpose, A-Attitude, S-Service, S-Sow, I-Incentive, O-Ownership
    3. One thing I like about http://www.abagabu.com — the wealth of tips and information on designing and creating your own success in life!

    p/s: I’m also a Money&You graduate & I’m a pioneer of the Save & Earn programme in Malaysia, which I think can be a good complement/business partner to your SimpanChallenge.


  2. Askm Ya AbangAbu,

    The answer for the First question:
    Muhammad Ahshik

    The acroynm for PASSION as in your Biz Tips is:

    N=”Never Give Up”

    What I like in http://www.abangabu.com:-
    Logical chunks of healthy information that entice,intrigue and almost seduce the readers to firmly believe in themselves!


  3. answer:

    1) Muhd Ashik (abang abu’s son)

    2) P= proactiveness
    A= achievement
    S= satisfaction
    S= speed
    I= innovation
    O= orchestrated individual power
    N= nobility

    3) What one thing i like in http://www.abangabu.com, honestly, i know about abang abu when he and irfan khairi were interviewed at astro malaysia and at tv3. I like about the simpan challenge that organized by abang abu and irfan khairi. I really want to know about a lot of this programme.

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