7 steps to become a young entrepreneur

Hi my friends ,

I am so proud to let all of you know that my son Ahshik now age 12 will be launching his first book “7 Steps to become a young entrepreneur” . This is his second project after the success of his first business that he started at the age of 9, Motivational postcards , than book marks and now the book.

I would love to ask all of you that will be free on 18th Novemeber to witness the launch at TOA PAYOH HUB the retail mall. This is happening in conjuction with the Global Entrepreneurship Week where NUS and ACE will host it for singapore.

The GOH for the launch will be our President SR Nathan.

I will update on the launch with some photos as well, and do catch news and newspapers too. He will be selling his autographed copies on that day. So do get a copy for yourself and also for those young people that you know.

It is 140 pages and all about the steps that he himself go through during his entrepreneurial venture. I believe the book will be a great success and will motivate him to do more and also become a socially responsible person, and he will anounce a new venture to raise 1mil for 2 charities that he will mention on that day. So  do come and witness as well support for this young entrepreneur that we all can be proud of.

The book cost only 19.90 …… so don wait… support Ahshik

Date 18th November 2008

Place; Toa Payoh Hub , retail mall open space

Time: 3pm – 5pm


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