Cashflow Session at NJC

SIMPAN Challenge – Updates and comment and views.

Today in Berita Harian report about $impan Challenge

Dear brothers and sisters,

As we are still in the process of recovering from the economic downturn AbangAbu had an opportunity to do the session to a group of NJC students , They are super smart students and the graps the whole learning fast. It is for the Yes ! School grant from Sping event. I would take this opportunity to inform any of readers who have intention to get YES School funding to contact AbangAbu. Secondary and primary school can apply for grant up to $10k to run entrepreneurship program.

After that session AbangAbu were at Darul Makmur Mosque , however just have 20 mins to do a talk there before berbuka.
There were some of SIMPAN Challenge participants who come to me and give me thumb up for the tips, AbangAbu feel very honored with the encouragement and excited to do more and give great tips too.

Those who still feel want to join SIMPAN Challenge , can click here SIMPAN Challenge

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