MBA 4 Kidz

A team of 5 youth from UTHM Malaysia had taken up a project to run. This are a team of graduates from UTHM that very passionate of running their own business after graduation.

The commitment that they showed had convince AbangAbu to provide guidance and support as well work together on a project that i believe a noble project.

A project to instill entrepreneurial spirit among the kids in Malaysia thru some practical workshop called MBA 4 Kidz.

The Buddies with Mekanik$

I am sure this is a project that align with the government of Malaysia vision, and also the aspirations of more younger generation to be involved in business, the kids are going to learn some skills that will last a life time.

As for the beginning we had a Photo shooting session in the area of Nusajaya. A professional photographer was assigned to take the photographs to be use for all materials related to the project.

The first workshop is scheduled to be in KL. This is infact a much awaited program that AbangAbu wanted to begin in Malaysia but had been delayed a few times for many reasons. And I am sure that happened so that this team called BUDDIES Team will take charge on this project.

More news will be coming soon for all of you my readers. Insya allah

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