OCTOBER Opportunities.

Salam and a great time to all my readers and supporters.

It have been around a week that AbangAbu have not been posting any info in my blog. Today i get an email from a reader who been waiting for a while for my next posting and that made to immediately write something here to make sure that my loyal readers will get updates and info.

Today , i don have any idea on tips for this blog writing. However i would like to share with all my readers things that going on around me. That might be a great thing for you too.

October seems to be opening opportunities for me from the day. As i been focusing on many things during the month of ramadhan dan syawal. A lot of ideas that play in my mind and thought i must take the opportunities by sharing with the people around me so that they can take part in it too.

What i would like to share indirectly here is that , keep dreaming and visualize on things that you want to have in life. Sometime it might take a lot more time and sometime you might fail a few times. however believe that you can have it them in front of you as reality.

Just dream and believe it will happen. I will also be announcing some interesting things that happening to me.

Anyway as some form of updates and to show AbangAbu is and will always be there doing and creating programs and products that can uplift our community. And as such i have lined up a few programs for all of you my lovely and beautiful readers.

PROGRAM with MY MENTOR DATUK MAZNAH HAMID known as “THE IRON LADY ” of MALAYSIA. check it out and be there

AbangAbu also created a wonderful product in malay targeting our malay speaking brothers and sisters who need to really start and prepare for the economic tsunami that is approaching the world again. I am sharing step by step , week by week on some secret formula that been used by extra ordinary RICH people. This is what i call “ILMU LIMA DUA ” check it out

Do check out also other developments as well updates on latest developments.


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