Saturday Sling


Hi again, AbangAbu is very excited today as to have met some good old friend and also had some interesting day till now. The time is around 5pm Singapore.

The morning was at a forum on entrepreneurship organized by Kim Seng CC youth. Meet with my good old freind Steven Cheiw now alrready a Dato . He now runs the Donut Empire. We chat for sometime and also he offers AbangAbu to be part of Donut Empire. So what you guys things? Just add another Biz. It has already have 13 outlet in Singapore, 4 In Malaysia, 4 In Dubai and more coming soon. And Franchise is coming out soon. Any one interested do email me hhehehehehe.

Than had PBB in Geylang and had fun with all the attendies . it was been always great to meet people and hearing them thanking you and one person come down and told me it was enlightening and the best ever workshop he ever attended. WOW… Thanks you brother for that complement.

And I will have a live broadcast channel in my blog soon. Do wait for it . You will get Live coverage on important happenings soon in AbangAbu’s blog…..

Last thing to do
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