Success A-B-U method E-Book FREE for you……..

Dear Friends,

GREAT news for all of you.

It been sometime that i wanted to share some of my deepest secrets of how i become what i am now.

Just wait for an ebook that i am giving for free to all who are looking for the secrets of creating success no matter in whatever condition you are right now.

These are secret recepies to achieve success in anything you up to. May it be business, money, career and anything that you wish to become succesfull in.

In this book i am sharing all the secrets that i use in my life journey. I am planning to bring out this book available in this blog on monday. so visit again this coming monday .

Be the first to get SUCCESS A-B-U method and find out also how you can get US$197 worth of MAP to be RICH email coaching for 1 year for FREE. Yes for FREE.

I will put up only 10 slots of the coaching for those of you who deserved. BUt how? Wait till monday for me to tell you more about it.


  1. Can i reserve a spot for your email coaching?

    Since i am the first to reply even before the launch of your e-book,

    can kindly count me in? 😉


  2. AbangAbu

    salam, thank you,

    you will get ebook.

    untuk email coachong got some challenge . wait for the info but it will be one of the easy thing that you need to do.

    okie . by tonite .

  3. AbangAbu

    Salam, To get the e-book you just go online to my blog and get it online just download after you fill your name and email.

    On the e-coaching you will get some information once you complete downloaded the ebook .

    You can have a taste on my email coaching on finance for a month for free.
    Thanks for your question and keep coming back and let others in your contact know about this

  4. Jamaliah Bte Ibrahim

    AbangAbu saya ingin mempelajari untuk meracang kewangaan untuk masa depan.

    Terima Kasih


  5. AbangAbu


    Insya Allah , pihak kami mengadakan satu program MAP untuk KAYA yang memang di khususkan untuk masyarakat kita .

    Saya harap jika puan boleh menghadiri bengkel 1 hari ini adalah paling baik sebagai permualaan.

    dapatkan butiran lanjut di blog atau

    Itu adalah baik saya rasa.

    lagi satu cara adalah dengan mengambil email coaching saya yang akan saya mulakan pada bulan november ini. Email coaching selama 1 tahun.

    Email saya jika ada pertanyaan lain.

  6. Den

    Dear Abu

    I did not see any links for your e-Book, I came in on Monday
    morning also did not see any links..

    Please advise, thanks

  7. AbangAbu

    Hi Den ,

    Could you try again.

    First register your name and email,

    Than you will get an email to confirm and than download the ebook.

    Let me know if you still got problem


  8. Che Yusof Ani

    Abang Abu, can I please get a copy of your e-book. I heard about it at WARNA yesterday. Thank you.

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