Updates: Lessons that I learned

Salam, How are all of you feeling. I m sure all of you who knows me will be feeling GREAT.

It has been awhile update my blog. I thought of update with some news at least. However i will always update my facebook with new updates insya allah.

I just want to share something very important to all including myself.

BE HUMBLE no matter how big you grow, how much wealth you have or even how famous you are. Be HUMBLE and you will see that you will be growing and keep growing. Never forget your all the hardship and difficulty that you go through. Make those moments stick so that you will remain humble.

Always have NIAT and INTENTION of doing good for people with pure heart and sincerely. Dont just do it for the sake of taking advantage of others and only with the intent of making money. DO always give value that can help others.

I really salute my Mentor Datuk Maznah for being a great person with pure heart to help people who really needs help. Learn a lot from her. She is a person that i really look up and always pray for her success and happiness.

Insya Allah , AbangAbu and IK will be doing programs that will make a lot people taste success.

IK , Irfan Khairi is another person that I really look up and respect for being such a great friend and mentor. A person that i can share many ideas and always want him to grow bigger and bigger. He is a man with many talent and a freind that had been a great supporter that introduce me in the Malaysian market.

And always be respectful to all no matter what is their position and situation. Never say things that can hurt the feeling of others. The word like “{ Dont Waste My Time} orĀ  { This is too little for me} .

Always remember the time we also might been there too. May all become a real successful person that also humble as what our mentor and leader MUHAMMAD S.A.W . He is humble and respectful to others even after israk mikraj. The journey that is better than going to space or moon.

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