YES 2009 @ Ngee Ann Poly.

Hi brothers and sisters, I believe your weekend have been great. AbangAbu had great time too as usual having talks on saturday and sunday. This time again at Mujahirin Mosque and Asyakirin Mosque.

On Saturday Young Entrepreneur Summit at Ngee Ann poly . AbangAbu and family were there. This is because my son Ahshik was one of the speakers in the summit. He was the youngest speaker which featured also Mr Ismail Ghafor from PropNex. Ahshik did a great job and many whom came were impressed.

AbangAbu only join the summit after noon as i had my own talk somewhere else. And i get a chance to listen to a speaker MASAMI from japan, I am really impresed with her message about GIVING . I really believe in that and that make me connected to the speaker and start to think on creating something that can be giving automatic without we need to care about giving. It can be done out.

Insya allah , AbangAbu is still think of something that i will share here soon that a project that will do just that.

WHat is your own opinion about this messageĀ  brothers and sisters.

Do share with AbangAbu here by replying to this comments.

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