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Hi all,

Recently in my meeting with some of my students i were always told that most of them very busy and have no time to achieve their dream. Than i told them that they just need to find only an hour a day to work on achieving their dream.

But “we cant even get 1 minute free time” that was their answer.

Than i keep thinking and i found out some simple ways that can give you extra one hour a day for you to work on your dreams.

These are the things that you can steal an hour from your busy schedule.

1. E-mail

I get 100 emails a day from various addresses. And at the beginning i will always open my emails to check whether any emails. This actually taken a lot of time out of me.So what i had decided is only to check  emails twice a day. And i don’t read unwanted emails . This save lot of wasted time.


Some people spend so many hours on exercise  everyday which includs the resting time and so on. I suggest to have exercise to be included in some work plan like walking up the stairs, taking public transport so you can walk to your home from stations and so on.10 minutes walk consists of wind sprints or equivalent.

3.Phone calls

Answering phone calls do take our time.This is due to the telephone tag which end up with unnecessary time wasting. Do avoid to much time on tag with unwanted calls. This will find you the time you need to work on your dream.

4.Fooling around in the morning

When wake up in the morning do waste your time by lying on your bed or brush your teeth for hours. You just need 30 min to get everything up. I found up that you will be saving nearly an hour from that alone.

5.Learning to say NO

The most difficult one that i learn. It was not very easy to say NO to people that come to you with opportunities. So i learn to say NO to some work that i don’t have to do. I save great amount of time just knowing and learning the skill of saying NO.

6.More and Better delegating

I am still learning to be good in this and more delegating my job. I suddenly find so many hours that is free for me after i delegate some of the works that before that i do myself. This is simply the best method for my to find time to do more great things as well give me opportunity to venture in things that i dreamed about.

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