Diploma in Personal Finance and Small Business

Alhamdullilah, It was a great event at AeU on 26/1/2012 in Kuala Lumpur.

AbangAbu had signed an MOU with AeU ( Asia e University) to develop and conduct a diploma program of PERSONAL FINANCE and SMALL BUSINESS. This will be done together with few professors and professionals.

The program will be very unique in its contents as well will be made practical, There will be marks and points will be given but no exams. The points can be use to do MASTERS programs in future. Beside that we are proving a real plan for action in the duration of the program which is 10 months,

This will be a great program for all those who are running small business, or those who want to start something small. Than this will be a great program .

We will provide more info soon.




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