Saturday Sling: Soccer Soccer Soccer

Its saturday!!!!!! AbangAbu been very very busy on saturdays for the last few months because was engaged in many trainings and workshops.

It has been few months from playing my favourite game. SOCCER. AbangAbu is still playing competitive soccer with a social team Silat FC in Singapore. So today as AbangAbu is off from any programs today will be back on the field. Playing competitive soccer games give Abangabu the time to get back my new energy.

Doing something that you love most will give you a new energy and spirit. It will make you fresh again so that you will become more productive .

The only concern for today’s match is Abangabu’s fitness ( suspected ) since never played for nearly 3 months now. this is the first match after 3 months.

However , the trill of doing something that you enjoy makes AbangAbu want to play hard today.

So , the message here , no matter how busy we are do take time for your health and mind. This is the best time AbangAbu’s mind completely free from any stress or thinking. Only focus on soccer game.

What is your favourite games and how it helps you in your life and career? Shere with us ……….


  1. Hai Abang Abu,

    Fath here from KL.=)
    What’s your role at field?
    Fath likes playing as attacking midfielder.=)

    Maybe after successfully manage
    Mekanik $ we can make another one,
    ‘Soccer Wang’.

    When should we defend our money?
    When should we hold(midfield) our money?
    When should we use(srike) our money?

    It would be interesting.

    I can’t wait to see you supporting Mekanik $ in KL.

    Teenage Money Genius on target 2010!=)

  2. hi Fath,

    how have you been? TMG is going well i believe.

    I am a defender, more of a stopper.

    thats my fav role, and been playing since darjah 4 lagi .

    maybe satu hari PBS should have some frendly game dengan astro team ke TV3 team ke or even bank team.
    network sekali

  3. Hai Abang Abu,

    I’m doing Great!(pinjam ayat Abang Abu)

    That’s a good idea. Having a friendly match.

    See you this coming Sunday(DKSJ).

    All the best Abang Abu for Mekanik $!

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