Wednesday Wealth//Do you have formula for Financial Freedom?

Brothers and sisters,

How the year been for you? Its June and we are in the second part of the year.

How have been your target for the year?

AbangAbu this year is completed behind time as many ventures failed. Have to recoup all the losses and the process is so painful. However AbangAbu still believe that abangabu will get the target that i set begining of the year.

I will do that by helping more people to understand that we can achieve whatever we wanted even we fail few times if we learn from that mistake and move on. Get my MAP2BRICH to be financially intelligence.

Today i want to give you a formula to get financially independence.

water = H2O

Financial Independence = MRT

M= Money — meaning you need to have a surplus every month that you must invest in.

R= Return on Investment —– Look for the best return that you can get for that investment.min 10% p.a

T= Timeline——- Set your target time. And stick to the investment till you reach your goal. Look at a realistic time.

You have to also adjust your plan according to what might happen to either one of your M or R or T. A change in one of them will have an impact on your plan.

Remember MRT ……..

Share with me your own formula …. and get a 50% for MAP2BRICH e coaching.


  1. suryati

    MRT that’s a good acronym…. n im 100% agreed, well financial freedom to some it means MAKE A LIFE not making a living by doin a routine day in n day out for ends meet.
    Do what you really like anytime you want without wory about your money or bills to settle thats what life should be i personally feel. Emmm as for the formula if i may share: success is built on failure n if you willing to pay the price of success you will win the prize of your freedommm! And i believe all successful people never know the word “quit”
    as a saying goes winners never quit n quitters never win! To be or not be sucessful is in ones hand and only you can take charge of your own destiny. Creating wealth n do what your heart really feel good about InsyAllah you will be guided. People who make money dun make excuses. People who make excuses dun make money.
    Last but not least live for today, plan for tomorrow… the milliom dollar fomula that I could share jeng jeng jeng =))”YOU NEVER EARN MORE THAN YOUR SELF IMAGE” Keep on growing n learning cos wat you EARN is proportion to wat you LEARN. All the best n keep moving forward and make sure always fall forward.

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