Simple and Powerful

Hi,AA become very busy lately.

Great progresses in many things that i am involved. I am feeling success every moment and feel grateful to everything that happening.

Today , i thought wanna share something yet powerful when come to making money in business.

I conducted 1 day training today for a group of 50 odd aspiring home based entrepreneurs.

I find out most of them want to know what to do to expand their business.

so the tip for today is this.

3  Step   Process

Step 1—–Connect with your target market

You must always get to the people you want to do business with. Get connected to them through various means like network, offers, adverts, ect.

Step 2——Collect the list of leads

Give something to them in order to get their list, names and contacts.Build this list of contacts .

Step 3——Convert your List into Customers.

Offer them something valuable for a fee and turn them into your customers. Follow up and make them a loyal customer.

This will help you to expand……..

just do it……


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