Underdog Internet Entrepreneur

Hi all, Its a great journey for myself in Internet World. I were introduce to this industry few years ago.

I were not really into this because i am not a IT literate and it was like a really scary thing for me. I were new and i don’t really understand on how this can make money.

I thought maybe i should focus on what i have been doing and that was what i did. however there were a small thought in my mind ask me to also get to know about it.

That was when i were introduce to blogging and i start my own blog and only knows to use one or two features . i start writing and try to understand this. My mind were some how asking how to make money by this. That’s is when i become creative . thinking deep and hard to get some idea on selling things online. And i started with an email tips on saving money.

That’s when i learn few things like PayPal.  Aweber and GetResponse.

It been nearly 2 years when i started the thing called aweber , a software system that allow us to collect emails data as well plan our emails to targeted people in our list.

At this moment i have generated more than thousands of dollars thru pay pal alone. It shows the power of Internet and digital products.

Than , today i have to pay my aweber Us$49 monthly as i have already subscribers and emails that i store had surpass 2500.

Am i and internet Entrepreneur yet? I dont really consider myself a full Internet Entrepreneur as i dont really know a lot of things about websites. servers, programing , and many more things.

So i call myself an UNDERDOG Internet Entrepreneur.

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Do browse around my site and you will get some ideas on how to generate money using your skills and knowledge.

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