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Wednesday Wealth: 5 Get-Rich-Quick Scams To Avoid – Part iii


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3. The Old-Fashioned Chain Letter: The First Outlawed Scheme
Chain letters don’t grace our mailboxes like they used to. Back in the day, a chain letter – either promising financial or relational gain – was almost guaranteed half a dozen times a year. But today, snail mail chain letters have neared extinction, thanks to the Internet and its electronic counterparts. Another factor also helps in today’s reduction of letters received – it is now illegal to mail such paraphernalia.

You may receive a promise return of an impressive sum of money in exchange for mailing cash or personal checks to an equally horrific number of recipients. Oftentimes, these letters have been distributed to literally thousands of names, meaning while the first person on the list may be doing quite nicely for themselves, you more than likely will never see a cent of profit.

If you are looking for ways to discern authentic chain letters from deceptive ones, this is simple – they are ALL deceptive. Due to their illegality, you will be hard pressed to find one; however, if one gets caught up in your pile of bills and personal correspondence, throw it away and do not give it a second thought.

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