Weekly Cash Challenge ; This Week $50 Cash


MAP untuk KAYA  1st session worth $49.00 now FREE on the 27th March 2009 , FRIDAY  7.30pm to 9.30pm

Congratulations Muhammad Haidhar for being the winner of $100 last challenge.

Get to know all about this challenge from the first click here

This Week Challenge is back to $50 sponsored by 7Steps to Become a Young Entrepreneur

All of you can participate in this challenge. There are just 2 requirements

1. You must have download ABU success method ebook as only the email on the list will be recognise by the system when t choose the winner.

2. You must write your answer in the comments box.

This week abangabu want you to also tell me which biz tips in the deadly tuesday tips that is your favorite.


a) What is  C. R. A. P ? This is something you need when apply for bank loans.

b) What biz tips that you like most from abangabu.com

SO dont wait. get into action.

All the best ……..

5 thoughts on “Weekly Cash Challenge ; This Week $50 Cash”

  1. Salam..
    CPF Statement of Account
    Record Check
    Application Form
    Pay slip


  2. 1)C-Credit Rating
    R- Repayment Procedure
    A- Application form
    P- personal account statements

    2) A million Dollar Lesson

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