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Brothers and Sisters,

Few announcements,

1)It been great busy week for AbangAbu with so many meetings and follow ups. Great things are happening with with WEEKLY CASH CHALLENGE is getting popular. In just 3 weeks the competition begins already see much participation. And yes there will be sponsors who are coming in soon to make the competition even more atrractive.

2) The MAP2BRICH ecoaching for 12 months will be $49.90 on the 15th March 2009. Currently it is still at 29.90 and only 27 slots are available from the 100 been offered 3 weeks ago. So don’t miss it as great things are awaiting for those who subscribe to it.

3) Abangabu will beĀ  in selebrity magazine as Selebrity Bisnes Doktor and guess what , i will introduce all the celebrity who are in business and the next month April will be a well known celebrity in Singapore. Guess? hahahaha nanti beli majalah dia SELEBRITI bulan April K. Dah jadi doktor heheheheh.

4) Workshop Home Based Business akan dijalankan pada bulan ini. Takle dapat mana mana punya harga $180 for the whole day bersama AbangAbu sendiri. limited space je . so cepat sapa interested.

5) Remaja remaja yang minat bisnes , dah ada idea? kalau ada idea email , AbangAbu will help in submiting for the YES shceme from SPRING for all youth 18 to 30. So please dont wait. Insya Allah announcement will be made to all malay media so it will reach all malay youth out there. Anyone who have contact with youth organization do email me so that we can do something about it.

6)Jangan lupa , this sunday 15th march ada mega cashflow game at expo by success resources

Anyone interested can call success resources direct and those who want me to book for them email

7) Bulan Maulud ini kena lah banyak belajar cara cara Nabi Muhammad s.a.w berbisnes. tak banyak buku yang terdapat dalam hal ini. Kalau ada bagi tau abangabu. okie.

Tu lah saja , Till i meet you tommorow with another entrepreneur whho will share their secret. See ya.

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